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Knitting Needle Cases, Rolls & Pouches: {Free Patterns}

You can easily organize all your knitting needles and supplies with a roll or pouch. You’ll find some that are quite large and loaded with pockets and features, others are more simple and small. Something here for everyone! Update: I added a vintage pattern for a taffeta case at the bottom of the page.



Lined With Fleece [1]: The bottom row has room for assorted gadgets, will tie closed with ribbons.

Felt [2]: Has diagrams to show how to sew pieces together.



Repurposed Fabric [3]: Made with a pair of old jeans or pants, has an outer pocket.

With Three Rows [4]: Lots of pockets to hold assorted supplies.



Alexandra’s [5]: This will measure 52cm (20 1/2″ wide) and 45cm (17 1/2″) high.

Easy Project [6]: You don’t have to be an expert seamstress to make this, has two rows of pockets.



Two Tiers [7]: It holds straights in the upper tier and circulars in the lower tier. The top flap folds down, then the whole thing folds into thirds for easy transportation.

Book Holder Storage [8]: Will also hold crochet hooks and is made inside a book cover.



For DPNs [9]: Fold over flap, ribbon tie closure.

Kimono [10]: Made with four different fabric prints, bottom row is at an angle.



Rick-Rack Ties [11]: A little wrap, ties closed with a couple pieces of rick-rack.

Holder [12]: Has fabric ties.



With Upper Guard [13]: Measures approximately 15″ square and has lots of room for assorted tools.

Made With A Placemat [14]: Easy to make using a placemat and 1″ braided elastic.



Ultimate Organizer [15]: Features lots of pockets, velcro tabs, button & elastic closure and straps for toting.

Placemats [16]: Made with two placemats, some clever folding and simple sewing.



With Pocket [17]: Two rows and a small corner pocket to hold stitch markers and other notions.

Simple Design [18]: Easy project made with two pieces of fabric.



With Fleece [19]: The top inner part is embellished with pretty lace and will fit 75 DPNs 20 cm/8 in. long.

Simple [20]: Has bind-offs in the middle to create openings to hold notions.



Felted (pdf) [21]: Features an un-felted cable in a contrasting color, an
ingenious device to organize your collection in style.

For Cables & Circulars [22]: From the wrong side, you push items through to the right side, then back to the wrong side (like using a safety pin).



With Vinyl Pocket [23]: Nice features in this one and folds up wallet-sized. Has room for crochet hooks, zipped plastic pouch and velcro tab closure.


For Circulars


Binder [25]: Slip items in clear plastic pouches.

Pant Leg [26]: Utilize a pair of old jeans to make this project that hangs.



Hanging Spools [27]: No sewing required!

Clutch [28]: Instructions via pdf download.



24 Pockets [29]: There is ample room for assorted notions, details via pdf download.



For A Pair [30]: Great to tote around a pair of straights.

Cute [31]: Here’s a little goody to hold a handful of DPNs.



Finger Wrap [32]: Here’s a neat idea to hold your cable needle.

This is from 1945 and specifies taffeta as the material to be used, but feel free to use different material if you like.


3/8 yard navy Taffeta
3/8 yard light blue Taffeta
3/8 yard Crinoline for interlining
Sewing thread in matching colors

Cutting Directions:

(1/2″ allowed for seams)

  1. Fold 11″ x 13 1/2″ piece in half on the length (wrong sides together) and press.
  2. Baste raw edges to right side of light blue piece along 13 1/2″ edge and up the sides.
  3. Starting from the right, mark off pocket piece into following spaces: One 1 3/8″, four 1 1/8″, one 1 3/8″, five 1″, one 1 3/8″.
  4. Stitch along marking through all thicknesses.
  5. Fold 6″ x 10″ piece in half on the length (right sides together), stitch across short ends, turn to right side and press.
  6. Baste this piece to right side of 13″ x 13 1/2″ navy piece opposite the pocket, raw edge to raw edge, matching centers.
  7. Fold tie pieces in half on the length and stitch around all except one short side, turn to right side and press.
  8. Tack raw edge of both ties to right side of 13″ x 13 1/2″ piece at center of one 13″ side.
  9. Baste crinoline to wrong side of 13″ x 13 1/2″ navy piece.
  10. Baste and stitch 13″ x 13 1/2″ pieces together (right sides together), leaving a 4″ opening.
  11. Turn to right side, slip stitch opening and press. Insert supplies in pockets as shown. (A piece of flannel or felt with pinked edges may be sewn to top flap).

You can download a copy for yourself here (pdf) [33].