Vintage Kitten Towels Pattern Set: {Vintage Embroidery}

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Here’s a treat for embroidery fans, this vintage set comes with seven different designs, one for each day of the week. Cross stitch and a variety of embroidery stitches are used in this design.

I’ve included the full set of instructions directly from the pattern and images have already been flipped so you can trace directly on top when transferring to fabric (if you need help transferring the pattern, you’ll find instructions for a few methods here: Embroidery Pattern Transfer Tips).

7 Motifs For Day-Of-The-Week Towels

Superior Transfer Design (142)

Pattern Cover

Pattern Cover

Kitten Towels: In this pattern there are seven towel motifs, one for each day of the week. They are done in the simplest of embroidery stitches.

Materials Needed: One yard of 16 or 18 inch dish toweling for each towel; one skein of six strand cotton in each color used.

To Embroider: Work in the colors suggested under Color Scheme and embroider as instructed below (guidelines are at bottom of page).

Free Downloads

Directions: Click on the image for full pattern size (files are jpg format). Right click and save to your computer before printing.

Monday Kittens - Click Image To Download

Monday Kittens

Tuesday Kittens

Tuesday Kittens

Wednesday Kittens

Wednesday Kittens

Thursday Kittens

Thursday Kittens

Friday Kittens

Friday Kittens

Saturday Kittens

Saturday Kittens

Sunday Kittens

Sunday Kittens

Printing tips:

  • Uncheck your printer’s equivalent to “Print to Page” and “Maintain Aspect Ratio” so that the pattern stays true to actual size.
  • Patterns have already been flipped so that you can trace directly on top when transferring design to fabric.

Recommended Colors & Stitches

Click To View Larger Size

Click To View Larger Size

Crosses–cross stitch
Broken lines–running stitch
Single lines–single stitch
Continuous lines–outline stitch
Dots–French knots or fine satin stitch
Loops–lazy daisy stitch

Color Schemes

The motifs may be done in two colors; in shades of one color, or in a variety of colors as follows:

  • Kitten–black, two shades of gray or tan
  • Eyes–green, amber or blue
  • Noses–rose
  • Whiskers–blue
  • Baskets–tan or straw color
  • Stool–a bright color
  • Iron–blue gray with a bright colored handle
  • Wash-board–blue gray with tan frame
  • Clothes pins–tan
  • Flowers–a variety of bright colors
  • Flower centers–yellow or black
  • Leaves, stems and grass–green
  • Groceries–actual colors
  • Yarn–bright colors
  • Lettering–black or a color
  • Bird–blue or yellow
  • Cage–gold, black or deep green
  • Mop–blue gray with bright colored handle
  • Egg beater–blue gray
  • Bowl–bright color
  • Use black to finish motifs

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What Readers Are Saying:
13 Comments to “Vintage Kitten Towels Pattern Set: {Vintage Embroidery}”
  1. Nancy says:

    Do you have any transfers of puppies, dogs, not dashounds?(spelling error)

  2. TipNut says:

    Hi Nancy, I do have a pattern set of spotted puppies for Days of the Week dish towels (could be a dalmation breed?). They’re doing a different chore each day, pretty cute stuff. I can do this set next on Tipnut if you like.

  3. Daphine says:

    This is wonderful! I just found your site, and appreciate the patterns very much. I also like the puppy series. Could you possibly list all of them the way you have the kittens? I was only able to get the puppy patterns for Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. I would really like to have the whole series. Thank you, thank you!

  4. Mary says:

    Does anyone have cows to embroider for each day of the week? I love these kittens, I remember my Mother making these, and the pic-a-ninies.
    I stencil and embroider mine. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Alexia says:

    Do you have any redwork patterns? I also love the kittens and puppies

  6. mahshid says:

    and tanx
    im happy to found your site

    pirooz bashy

  7. tomiddes says:

    Oh, those are so cute. I want to do them right now! But, since the fabric store is closed at ten pm, I guess I’ll have to wait… 🙂

  8. Donna says:

    Do you have the embroidery transfer Superior #123?

  9. TipNut says:

    Hi Donna, sorry your comment took so long to display, it got lost in my comment filters. Which pattern is that?

  10. Beth says:

    Do you have the days of the week with rooster, hen and chicks?

    Thank you for your patterns!

    I was worried about Christmas, with the raising price of gasoline and groceries!

    Now, one sister is getting a full set of kittens, another a set of gingham fruit and the last sister a set of sunbonnet gals. Then, one niece the gingham flowers, another niece the puppies and the niece-in-law the sayings. Thing is I want a set of each for myself :)!

    Where can I find dish toweling? I tried Wal-mart and JoAnn’s INC., both online, without luck.

  11. TipNut says:

    Hi Beth, no I don’t think I have anything with rooster, hen and chicks, sorry! As for the dish toweling, try a search for “flour sack” material, I really like them for embroidered tea towels. You can find them on eBay, I buy in bulk there and haven’t had any problems.

    Tips: watch for “seconds”, you don’t want those and check out the seller’s feedback too, if they have good quality stuff–it will be reflected in the feedback comments.

  12. Karen says:

    I am needing the color key from a vintage hot iron transfer pattern. The pattern is an Alice Brooks design number 7268. It is for two pillows. One has a kitten with a frog. The other is a kitten with a turtle. Bothe are mainly cross stitching.

    If anyone has the color key I would really like to have a copy of it.

  13. Wanda says:

    Love the patterns and thank you soooooooooooo much for the free downloads.
    Will be visiting often, you know how it is, one project at a time.

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