9 Frugal Tips & Helpers: {Revisited}

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Quick Tips To Help Save Money

Quick Tips To Help Save Money

  1. Grocery Stockpiling Tips: This is a nice introduction to bulk buying and stockpiling groceries, it’s not only a smart way to manage your grocery budget, it’s also a great way to keep supplies on hand (reduces trips to the store to pick up last minute purchases and cuts down on ordering out when there’s “nothing good to eat for dinner”.)
  2. 12 Ways To Save On Baby Stuff: You’ll find money saving tips for diapers, baby wipes, using coupons and more.
  3. 50 Nifty Tricks for Big DIY Savings: Tip your cap to all your penny-pinching kin and read on for the best why-didn’t-I-think-of-that ideas for shrinking your household expenses, from getting free trees from your town’s public works department to installing an under-sink filter to cut costs on pricey bottled water.
  4. Money Saver: Beat The High Cost Of Coffee Shops: I have taken one of the tips in the article to heart, I’m considering investing in some good equipment so I can make some darn good coffee at home…factor in the savings over the year and I could save some serious money. There’s an added bonus too: no more time wasted waiting in line at busy shops (is there ever not a lineup?) and the savings on extra fuel it takes to make all these coffee pitstops.
  5. 75 Tips to Survive a Down Economy: Rising food prices, declining home values, and a deflating dollar are combining to make it tough to stick to a budget…here are lots of tips to help you figure things out.
  6. 168 Frugal Tips to Make Your Dollar Stretch + More: Tips to deal with high prices and make your money stretch farther.
  7. Frugal Recycling Ideas For Gardening: You’ll find tips for using newspaper, egg shells and toilet paper rolls as seed starters (including instructions for how to do that) plus a tip for using plastic milk jugs to protect your new plants. Here’s an idea for recycling newspaper into seed starter pots: Make Seed Starting Pots From Newspaper.
  8. The Secret to Beating the Postage Increase: The idea is to buy older stamps cheaper than the face value. Stamp values don’t decrease over time (with the post office) and if it states 25¢, it’s 25¢ postage–no matter what. Cool! Also Lifehacker shares another idea: Buy Forever Stamps: Buy the new “forever” stamps now but DON’T use them yet! The real value in the new “forever” stamp will be realized at the next and future rate changes. As soon as I bought some of the “forever” stamps this morning the nice lady behind post office counter said “put them away for later” and explained the strategy.
  9. Use A Price Book To Pay Less: Here’s a description of what a price book is along with a free printable.

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