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Frugal Tip: Stockpile & Save Money

Every time you run to the store for that one little thing you’re out of, don’t you always come out with a few more things you didn’t plan on picking up?

Here are some basic supplies to stockpile that I’ve found to really cut back on the store trips:

Household Soap: Laundry, Dishwasher & Dish Detergent, Household Cleaners

Personal Hygiene: Shampoo, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Soap, Feminine Napkins, Toilet Paper

These are items that no matter how much you stockpile, you’ll always use eventually. Because there’s never any waste, it’s truly a successful frugal method. That can be harder to accomplish with food items (watching expiry dates).

Know your prices and when something’s a good deal, plan on buying 10 or 12 of them. This is where maintaining a pricebook comes in handy. It’s super easy to go a year before buying more dish detergent and shampoo.

The problem is storage space. Finding a place to stash a few months worth of toilet paper can be tricky, but get creative and make room. Stack toilet paper under beds. Get yourself a big rubbermaid tub and fill it with deodorants and toothpaste and stick it in a closet. Fill a crate with liquid dish detergent and set it on a laundry room shelf.

Stockpiling staples like these when they’re on sale saves you money two ways: by purchasing the items at the reduced price as well as cutting down on quick jaunts to the store when you run out.

The other added benefit: Your monthly grocery bill is lower so you have the extra to continue stockpiling other items that are on sale. That’s always nice ;). True you’ve already paid for it with a big stockpile purchase initially, but it pays off a few months in and you’ll find yourself continuously well supplied in the items you need on a regular basis.