12 Refreshing Fruit Salads

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Cool and refreshing, fruit salads are a perfect dish to serve for summer potlucks and barbecues. They’re simple and easy to make and most can be substituted easily with whatever’s in season. This Recipe Hit List is a collection that I’ve gathered from around the ‘net…some are elegant enough to impress, all promise to please. Enjoy!



  1. Citrus with Cilantro and Mint: (as seen in picture) All this needs is a little shallot, some slivered mint and cilantro, and a light vinaigrette sweetened with maple syrup to highlight the sweetness of the citrus. What you get is bright, clean, uplifting flavors full of sunshine.From Sassy Radish.
  2. Tomato-Watermelon Caprese with Basil Granita: I don’t make ice cream enough to warrant having, so I made do by making a basil granita. Throwing it together was terribly easy – a quick puree of fresh basil, some sugar, and water. It is such a unique twist to this dish. As the granita melts, it naturally dresses the dish with its own “dressing”. From Running With Tweezers.
  3. Basil and Mint Melon: On such a hot stinking day a treat like this is guaranteed to hit the spot. It is utterly refreshing, sweet and the mint subtly cools your mouth. Oh and it is so stinking, extremely easy. It is definitely a win-win. From The Noshery.
  4. With a Honey-Mint Lime Dressing: Perfect for breakfast, brunch, potluck, or bridal/baby shower. From Savory Sweet Life.
  5. Ambrosia: Makes 12 servings. From Crisco.
  6. Ambrosia: I make it with yogurt for dressing, then mix in just enough ‘goodies’ (marshmallows and coconut) so it tastes like the rich version I grew up with. Fuss-free! Found at Taste of Home.
  7. Strawberry-Arugula with Ricotta Topping: A quick twist on a strawberry salad, with arugula mixed in for a spicy, savory touch, and a creamy dressing of fresh ricotta and lemon. From The Kitchn.
  8. With Mint: Based on Giada de Laurentiis’ Watermelon and Cantaloupe Salad with Mint Vinaigrette. Found at Cheap Healthy Good.
  9. Crunchy Apple & Grape Version: I love the crisp crunch you get in every bite and the bits of sweetness from the nuts, with a little hint of cinnamon thrown in there. From The Cutting Edge Of Ordinary.
  10. Colorful: Tropical with a Hint of Mint: Adds a lovely vitamin kick to the day. Besides the fact that it looks beautiful with all it’s lovely bright yellow, orange and pink tones, almost all the ingredients are organic. There are organic mangos, papayas, pink grapefruit and oranges, only the baby pineapple was not. I use the fresh juices of the grapefruit and oranges to provide my dressing adding a touch of lavender honey and chopped mint to give an explosive taste. From What’s For Lunch Honey.
  11. Key Lime Version: Topped with creamy yogurt–mmm! Found at Tablespoon.
  12. Tropical: Mango, melon, lichee, papaya, pineapple would be a flavourful combination. From Canadian Living.

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