6 Gingham Kitchenware Patterns

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This month’s vintage pattern freebie is from the 1940’s or 1950’s and features six different kitchenware items with assorted fruits and veggies. The designs are to be worked in both cross stitch and embroidery and can be used to embellish towels, table runners, curtains or whatever you like.

Towel SetHere are the details from the original set:

This pattern contains motifs to be worked in cross stitch and simple embroidery to be used on kitchen linens. Linen or some other toweling should be used for linens and six strand cotton for embroidery. The motifs are to be done in two shades of one color and black or brown or a variety of colors.

Material Requirements:

One Towel: 1 yard of 16 or 18 inch material.

Breakfast Set: 1 runner 15 x 36 inches and 4 mats 12 x 18 inches; 1-1/8 yards 36 inch material.

36″ Cloth: 1 yard.

54″ Cloth: 1-1/2 yards 54 inch material.

Curtains: Depends on size and type desired.

Placing Motifs:

Towel: Use one motif centered above one end.

Breakfast Set: Use one motif on each end of runner and one motif centered on lower edge of each mat.

Cloth: Use one motif in each corner.

Curtains: Use on valance or on bottom edge.

Embroidery: Follow Color Suggestions (below) and work continuous lines, outline stitch; crosses, cross stitch; single lines, single stitch; loops, lazy daisy stitch; dots, French knots or fine satin stitch.

Color Suggestions: Work crosses in two shades of predominating color of kitchen; outline, black or the darker shade used for crosses; cherries, strawberries, peaches, peas, carrots, and onions in their natural colors; leaves and stems, green.

Download & Printing Instructions

Directions: Click on desired image to access larger pattern (jpg format), right click and then save to your desktop. Each of the patterns have already been flipped so you can trace directly on top of them when transferring to fabric. You will find transfer tips here.

To Print: Uncheck your printer’s equivalent to “Print to Page” and “Maintain Aspect Ratio” so that each pattern stays true to actual size and will fit on a single sheet of paper.


Pitcher With Cherries


Pot With Carrots

Bowl Set

Bowl Set With Strawberries

Small Pitcher

Small Pitcher With Peaches

Bowl & Lid

Bowl & Lid With Onions

Small Dish

Small Dish With Peas

Stitch Chart

Click To View Larger Size

Click To View Larger Size

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3 Comments to “6 Gingham Kitchenware Patterns”
  1. Barbara says:

    So awesome! Thank you for the share!

  2. Corinnea Davis says:

    You wouldn’t happen to have any flower or herb patterns to use on tea towels???? Been thinking about putting herbs on some tea towels, but haven’t found a lot of patterns for them.

    • Pat Thiel says:

      What works for me is to abandon the cross stitch–too much right and wrong–and find a picture of what I want, in this case herbs. I use a purple air erase pen and sketch the lines. Stem stitch, back stitch and lazy daisy is most. of what I use.
      Hope this helps.

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