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Gingivitis Home Treatments & Tips

Although I have quite a fear of dentists, something that’s changed for me as I’ve gotten older is a sincere desire to have healthy teeth that will last me as long as possible. Before, my phobia ruled and that meant my mouth suffered for it.

SmileI have a few bad habits that don’t help (love coffee, pop, sweets, hate flossing), but I’ve been able to manage bouncing things back into pretty good shape.

A big part of my success has been seeing a dentist regularly as well as a great hygienist.

They can’t work magic overnight though, and if you’ve neglected professional care for years like I did, chances are your gums are suffering. They start to recede, your teeth are more sensitive and when things get bad enough, real problems develop that you can’t turn back.

Here are a couple home treatments you can try if you’re struggling with gingivitis problems or trying to prevent them…



1 or 2 TBS salt
Glass of warm water

Product Recommendation:

Gum Helpers

Snappy Living recommends not brushing too hard to prevent damage (see this page [1]), it’s a bad habit I’ve had to fight myself. Something that’s helped is adding an extra brushing session to my day, just a light scrub, and being more careful how I brush.

No getting around it, flossing daily can bounce things back. If you find it clumsy, messy and awkward (like I do), you can try different tools. Check your local drugstore, something might appeal to you.

Periodontal disease can be successfully fought with a few no-hassle steps (listed above) and a commitment to professional care.