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20+ DIY Wall Art Projects

Here’s an assortment of clever and crafty ways you can make your own wall decor pieces, most are made with basic supplies and tools. I’ll be adding to this list over time so check back every now and again to see what’s new!


Glazed Art [1]: The idea is to take sheets of decorative scrapbook paper, apply them to plywood then finish off with glaze.

Silverware Silhouettes [2]: Made with pieces of birch plywood, cut out shapes with a jigsaw (utensils drawn on plain paper for stencils) then painted.



Doily Style [3]: Made with cheap doilies, canvas, scrapbook paper, Folkart paint and Mod Podge.

Flattened Rolls Design [4]: Made with ummmm…toilet paper rolls! Who knew the result could be so pretty!



Bean Art Tutorial [5]: Made using a variety of beans, tacky glue and a repurposed picture frame.

Easy-Peasy Artwork [6]: You can easily make your own with a canvas, a paint brush, 1/2″ masking tape, and three colors + white acrylic paint.



Distressed Picture Canvases [7]: Made with canvas, a blown up photo and gel medium.

CD Case Craft [8]: Give old CD cases a chance to shine as clear frames with this clever DIY photomural for your kitchen.



DIY Paper Bird Painting [9]: Made with canvas, scrapbooking papers for leaves and the bird, Mod Podge and paint.

Jumbo Button [10]: Made with an old cheeseboard…imagine a bright & cheery button on the wall in your craft room!



Framed Wallpaper [11]: If you find yourself drooling over wallpaper designs, here’s an easy way to enjoy them.

Faux Canvas Print [12]: Made with a poster print of your photo, mod podge, canvas fabric and spray adhesive.



Paint How-To [13] (For Non-Artists) Looks pretty darn good to me, and they make it look so easy too!

DIY Pyramid Painting [14]: Quick tutorial with only three steps but that’s because this is pretty simple. Uses a potato stamp for the pyramid design.



Wood Board Project [15]: Here’s an easy project using pieces of wood (1×3’s and 1×4’s) and assorted paints.

Z Gallerie Mirror Art {Knock Off} [16]: Neat project! Made with wooden circles, round mirrors, chain links, wood glue, metallic spray paint and a curtain rod (you’ll need a drill to make this).



Knock Off Pottery Barn Clock [17]: A round clock face with roman numerals is painted on a square of plywood, painted for a “weathered” look. Not a working clock since no hands for telling time.

Canvas & Puffy Paint [18]: Print desired message in the font of your choice, cover paper with wax paper then use as guide for puffy paint letters. Apply to canvas with Mod Podge.



Easy Painted Canvas [19]: You don’t have to be a talented artist to pull off this project, simply draw even spaced lines across canvas, add peaks using the corner of a card then paint.

Painted Silhouettes [20]: Canvas background is painted white, profile photo cut from vinyl which is used as the stencil when applying color paint to the canvas.



Picture Collage How-To [21]: Snapshots are arranged on foam core boards then sealed in place with double sided tape and Mod Podge.

Tile Artwork [22]: Not very artistic? This is the project for you! All you need are tiles in assorted shades/colors, a piece of plywood, tile adhesive, grout to make this.



DIY Grid Painting [23]: Easy project made with a blank canvas, acrylic paints and thin painter’s tape. Shows how to tape off the grid design.

Easy Painted Canvas [24]: Canvas is first painted white then marked off with painter’s tape and painted with another color of your choice.



Watercolor Canvas [25]: Triangle shapes are cut from an assortment of watercolor paintings, glued to a canvas then glazed with Mod Podge.

Contemporary [26]: A set of 9 mini canvases are painted in bold colors then decorated with white in a swirl pattern.



Upholstered [27]: Nice way to create large pieces on the cheap, pink foam insulation boards are wrapped with fabric and stapled to the back.