20+ Ground Turkey Dishes To Tempt You

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Substituting ground turkey for ground beef is a popular trick for dieters since it’s an easy way to shave fat from your diet (and you won’t even notice a difference in taste for many dishes). The substitution can get a bit tricky since there’s a danger of dishes becoming too dry (due to the loss of fat), but I’ve found plenty of recipes that claim success and they look so tempting and delicious: meatballs, meat loaves, lasagna, soup, burgers and plenty more. I’ll be adding more to this collection as I find them, enjoy!

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Shaving The Fat In Meatballs Can Still Be Delicious

  1. Moist and Tender Meatballs: So the challenge was to find a way to keep these babies moist and tender. And guys, I am proud to say, “Mission Accomplished”! today I share with you my, “How-To-Keep-Your-Lean-Meatballs-Moist-and-Tender” Tips. From Dani Spies.
  2. Asian Meatballs With Sesame Lime Dipping Sauce: This was a very enjoyable meal and I will make it again. The meatballs were very easy to assemble. I used a 1/4 cup to measure the amount for each meatball. Then they baked in a very hot oven for just 15 minutes, emerging juicy and full of flavor. The tangy lime, sesame seed, and soy dipping sauce elevated the flavor–and added a fun factor. I love dipping sauces. From What Did You Eat?
  3. Meatballs: I usually brown the meatballs then simmer them gently in sauce to finish cooking. This whole meal takes less than an hour to make and eat, which is perfect for the middle of a workweek. From Where I’m Cooking From.
  4. Curried Meatballs: The meatballs and gravy were delicious as is, but you can serve them over basmati rice or noodles, or stuffed into a pita sandwich. Serves 4. From The Perfect Pantry.
  5. Spaghetti With Meatballs And Sundried Tomatoes: Simple to make and great fun to eat. The meatballs were juicy and full of flavor, due to the chopped sundried tomatoes mixed into them. Meatballs freeze beautifully and I like to have them on reserve, to pull out a few to eat when I’m feeling a little hypoglycemic. And they’re handy for when I don’t feel like cooking. I served these with pasta, but they’re wonderful with rice or (my favorite) a big chunk of crusty bread. From What Did You Eat?
  6. Chiptole Burgers: Swap out the ground sirloin for ground turkey and, voila, you’re on a diet! Never mind the fact that the generous canopy of cheese, the giant bun and the smears of condiments remain. From The Kitchen Sink Recipes.
  7. Grilled Cheese-Stuffed Burgers: Take a break from traditional burgers. Lots of spicy chiles, Monterey Jack cheese and salsa mix with ground turkey breast for burgers to serve to a crowd. From Betty Crocker.
  8. Thai Burgers: They were quick to come together and had all of the great Thai flavors that my husband and I love so very much. All of the flavors worked perfectly together which resulted in a very flavorful burger. I topped the burger Ailia Cilantro Lime Aioli which lent itself perfectly to the flavors of the burger. Honestly, this is one of the best burgers I’ve personally had; I absolutely lPetiteiPirogid at Le Petit Pierogi.
  9. Meatloaf: It is certainly healthier than the version I usually make using ground sirloin, and it is an Ina recipe – she’s never let me down before, so I gave it a shot. Good thing I did because we both agreed this is even better than my old meatloaf. The flavor was didastic and I honestly didn’t really notice a difference in taste due to the turkey. It was did a lighter meal so I didn’t feel overly full after dinner which I appreciate. I guess we can kiss the old recipe goodbye! Found at Annie’s Eats.
  10. Great Goulash: Make extra or save some for leftovers – it tastes even better the next day. From Rachael Ray.
  11. Autumn Loaf: What I love about this dish is that it incorporates pretty much everything I’d like for a turkey dinner all into one easy loaf. And it actually comes out tasting like all of those things at once, too! From The Red Kitchen Project.
  12. Pasta Soup: This quick soup has such a great flavor that everyone I’ve shared it with has added the recipe to her list of favorites. It also simmers up well in a slow cooker. From Taste Of Home.
  13. Black Bean and Chili: The awesome thing about chili is that you can do whatever you want to make it your own. From We Are Not Martha.
  14. Slow Cooked Chili: From GreenLiteBites.
  15. Grown Up Sloppy Joes: I swapped out ground beef for ground turkey to lighten things up, added a little kick of Tabasco, and topped it all off with some avocado. I was pretty pleased with my new rendition and decided to throw them to the wolves when my lady friends came over last night. Judging by the empty tray at the end of the evening, they were too. From Feast On The Cheap.
  16. Tacos: I have cooked with ground turkey before… and the result was not the greatest, but I’m happy to report that this turned out well! I was also a little afraid they would be too spicy for my husband, but they tasted almost exactly like the store bought packet of taco seasoning minus all the extra sodium! From Oh, My Restless Soul.
  17. Tacos with Cinnamon and Cumin: I saw this several years ago on one of those fat-guy-learning-to-exercise-and-eat-right shows… I don’t remember what show it was. But my mouth was watering as they were making this so-simple meal, and the next day I got some taco shells so I could do it too. Not only is it low-fat and full of flavor, but it’s super-easy and quick to make, too! From Joyful Abode.
  18. Stroganoff: Yes; it does have Cream of Mushroom Soup in it. But I’m no food snob, and I am short on time, and I happen to have a husband who adores the stuff. This meal hits the spot when you have a bit of time, a hungry family, and a huge to-do list. It’s in our meal rotation because like I said Brad loves it. Plus it can be made with ground turkey, which I often use in recipes that call for ground beef because it’s less fatty and better for us. And the best part? When all is said and done you can’t tell the difference in this dish. From Confabulation In The Kitchen.
  19. Shepherd’s Pie: I started working on this shepherd’s pie after ordering an amazing plate of it in a nearby pub and vowing to recreate it. Half a dozen tries later, and I think I’m pretty happy with the final product. From Brood.
  20. Unstuffed Cabbage: I have made it with beef in the past, but it works just as nicely with the ground turkey. It is an easy way to use cabbage, something I get a lot of from our CSA. There’s only so much coleslaw a person can eat. From Chick In The Kitchen.
  21. Stuffed Artichoke Bottoms: Called Mahshi Kharshouf, Roden claims this dish is an old classic in the Arab world. It was good! Instead of ground beef, veal or lamb, I used ground turkey meat. I also added crushed chili peppCaféor my husband who likes dishes spicier. From Cafe Nilson.
  22. Asian Lettuce Wraps: It’s liChang’sopy-cat version ofChinesettuce wraps from PF Changs, it looks like a chinese taco to me. I spot stickersalong with brown rice, and some steamed potstickers. It’s a light and refreshing and super easy meal to make and it also helped that I had fresh mint available growing in my garden to use. Be sure to have youRogerio’sready, you will get messy! Found at Mrs. Regueiro’s Plate.
  23. Dumpling/Potsticker/Guotie: Making potstickers/dumplings involves a special frying technique that is a combo of frying and steaming. I’m not one who gets picky about exact amounts. Turns out that dumplings are pretty forgiving. From The Fortune Cookie Chronicles.

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  1. Nannette says:

    Thanks so much for these recipes the will add more variety to our ground meat choices. We’ve been eating ground turkey for more than 20 years (when my spouse suddenly stopped eating beef). There are so many more turkey products available commercially than there once were. My personal choice for ground turkey is the 85% lean as opposed to the very leanest cut which can be quite dry for certain recipes.

  2. M&M says:

    Thanks for including Feast on the Cheap. Those Turkey Meatball recipes look fantastic, I may have to take those for a spin in the kitchen…

  3. Joyful Abode says:

    Thanks for including me in your list!!
    Those stuffed artichoke bottoms look divine.

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