Enjoy Growing Your Own Lavender With These Tips

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Lavender is a flowering herb that gives and gives and gives. You can use it in crafts, cooking and for medicinal purposes. If you have a garden, this is one plant I’d be making space for!

Bunches of Lavender From The Garden

Bunches of Lavender From The Garden

  • If given a choice, lavenders prefer ground planting rather than in a pot. However most types of lavender grow well in containers. Nice and fragrant indoors. If growing inside, the plant needs at least four to five hours of sun. Keep soil lightly moist, not soggy.
  • Does well in the winter if under a covering of leaves or mulch. Snow helps insulate the lavender. Ice, freezing rain and heaving soil is a problem in hard winter areas. Typically freezes back in the winter.
  • Cut plants back by one-third or to live stems before new growth starts.
  • To encourage reblooming, make sure to remove old stalks when flowers fade.

Uses: Wonderful sachets, potpourris, cooking & baking, fresh & dried arrangements, crafts. Do a search here on Tipnut for “lavender”, you’ll find plenty of ideas!

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5 Comments to “Enjoy Growing Your Own Lavender With These Tips”
  1. Judyj says:

    This is very helpful! I have never grown lavender before but I may try it now, thanks.

  2. Merritt says:

    I bought 2 lavender plants. They were healthy and beautiful. Now they look all wilty, gray and half dead. I’m trying so hard to keep them going. Thoughts?? How moist should the soil be? How much direct hot sun do they like or dislike? Any other ideas? I’m desperate to keep them going. Thanks

    • Karen says:

      I live in TOLEDO OH and my lavender does great!
      Just cut back dried dead stems and put some good garden soil
      Around them in the spring and they should be fine. The city workers dug mine up one season because they were round a stump that had to be drilled out (yes I was upset) but I replanted them and they are better than ever. Very hardy plant

  3. Paula says:

    Is all lavender edible? I have beautiful plants that come back every year, but I am afraid to cook with the flowers or leaves.

  4. Karin says:

    are the dried flowers from lavender seed?

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