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30+ Crafty Hair Clips, Bows & Accessories

Looking for crafty ideas for making assorted hair accessories? You’ve hit the jackpot with this list! Here are dozens of different clips, barrettes, bows and ponytail holders to make using a variety of materials and techniques, many are suitable for both children and adults. I had so many headbands to share that I created a separate list for them, you’ll find the free tutorials on this page [1]. Also check out the ribbon flowers [2] and the fabric flower [3] collections, these can easily be attached to clips as well. And don’t miss the bonus projects listed at the bottom (to keep things organized). Have fun!


Brocco Bobbies Knockoff [4]: Made with a fabric yo-yo, bits of ribbon and bling such as a vintage brooch or button (attached to a bobby pin).

Korkers [5]: Ribbon is first curled by wrapping around a wood dowel then baking in a low oven. Once curled, ribbons are attached to clips of your choice.



Crochet [6]: Free pattern for making little bows that are attached to a clip of your choice (with a dab of glue).

Rose Barrettes [7]: A rose is made from felt with a bit of hand sewing (free pdf pattern download) and then attached to a snap barrette.



Pinwheel [8]: Fun design made with fabric scrap, heat n bond, buttons, fabric glue (or hot glue) and attached to a clip.

Felt Covered Barrettes [9]: Plain metal barrettes are covered with wool felt and then embellished with buttons or bits of felt.



Button Bobby Pins [10]: So easy to make! Use big colorful buttons or even character buttons if you like.

Flower [11]: Fabric circles are stacked and sewn together with a few stitches, a bead or button attached to the center then glued to bobby pins.



Heart Barrettes [12]: Colorful felt hearts are hand sewn together then attached to snap clips.

Felt Bow [13]: Simple felt bows are hand sewn and then bobby pins are attached with either glue or by sewing.



Shabby Ruffle [14]: A simple ruffle is sewn then pressed flat then glued to a square of felt that has been sewn onto a clip.

Poms [15]: Knit scraps are hand sewn together to make poms then attached to alligator clips, head bands or pony tail holders.



Woven Ribbon [16]: Made with a yard each of 2 colors of ribbon that is woven directly onto barrette.

Bottle Cap [17]: You’ll need decorative paper, bottle caps, mod podge, craft flowers, ribbon, a glue gun and a 1″ round punch for this project.



Cute [18]: Metal single prong clips are covered with either self-adhesive paper-crafting ribbon or regular ribbon secured with Fabric Fusion adhesive.

Felt Covered [19]: Circles of felt are embellished with crocheted flowers or whatever you like then cover a hairclip.



Felt Flower [20]: Bits of felt are transformed into a sweet little accessory.

Ribbon [21]: Easy! Strips of embroidered ribbon are first sewn into pockets to hold the hair clip then after inserted, stitch closed (or hot glue can be used).



Beaded Bobby Pins [22]: Transform a standard sized bobby pin with seed beads and 28 gauge wire with this easy project.

Fabric Covered [23]: Made with scraps of pretty fabric, batting and then hand sewn over clip to cover.



Fabric & Button Barrette [24]: Made with scraps of pretty fabric, buttons and a hot glue gun.

Crafty Button Ponytail Holders [25]: Buttons are covered with fabric and attached to a hair elastic with 20 gauge craft wire.



Ponytail Scarves [26]: Fabric is cut on the bias to make these lovely scarves, free pdf pattern download is available.

Tulle Ponytail Holder [27]: A basic pom pom is made with tulle then sewn to an elastic hair band, easy peasy!



Beaded Ornaments [28]: Learn how to make charming butterflies and flowers with 28-gauge nickel wire and seed beads.

Lace Flower Bobby Pin [29]: Sweet little flower made with lace trim, felt, a button and a glue gun (attach to a large bobby pin to wear).



Felt Flower Clip [30]: 5-petal flower shapes are folded then sewn together, yellow felt circles for the center.

DIY Ribbon Bobby Pins [31]: Ribbon is woven through Goody Bobby Pins and secured in place with a bit of glue.



Floss Wrapped Comb [32]: Uses assorted bits of embroidery floss (great way to use up leftovers).

Scrunchie [33]: A scrunchie is made by covering elastic with a fabric casing then a matching bow is made to attach, embellish with rhinestones or beads of your choice if you like.



Easy [34]: Made with decorative scrapbooking brads, scrapbooking flowers, ribbon and Fabri-Tac.

Fabric Scrunchies [35]: All that’s needed to make these are a scrap of pretty fabric and a bit of elastic.



Zipper Comb [36]: Rosettes are made with zipper halves then attached to hair combs with glue.

Boutique [37]: A big floppy bow is made with decorative ribbon and then attached to a clip.



Pearl Combs [38]: Easy project finishing plastic combs with twill tape and pearl trim.

Ribbon [39]: Pretty double sided ribbon is made into a bow and then attached to a metal clip with hot glue.



5 Designer Styles [40]: Learn how to make the Pinwheel, Triple Stack, Three-Tiered, the Corker & 4-Layer Loopy designs.

DIY Bobby Pins [41]: Make fabric covered buttons then attach to bobby pins with pads.



Scrunchie [42]: (crochet) Cotton thread is worked around a pony tail, basic stitches are used so this is suitable for beginners.

Elastic Ties [43]: A quick tip for using “fold over elastic” or “FOE” bought by the yard (both solids and prints).


Bonus Projects: