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How To Hang, Display & Arrange Pictures or Artwork

Posted By Tipnut On November 9, 2011 @ 12:15 pm In Fixes & How-To | 3 Comments

I’m not very confident when it comes to hanging pictures on a wall. Will they be straight? Too high? Too low? Does the arrangement look good or wonky? If you’re like me and a little shy about taking out the hammer and nails, the good news is that there are plenty of resources on the web that have this all figured out for us. Here are several different tips and ideas to help you get the job done, each of them free to enjoy and be inspired by.

I’ll be adding more to this page as I find new ideas so you may want to bookmark it for reference. Have fun!



Wall Arrangements [1]: Five different layout ideas, each includes the measurements for the pictures used in the examples.

Gallery Displays [2]: Four different ideas that include the measurements of the frames (click on image to view a larger size). See more uploaded on flickr here [3].





Photo Grouping Templates From HP (pdf) [4]: Free download with six different ideas, referenced on HP’s article Creative Ways To Display Your Family Photos [5].

Arrangement Ideas [6]: You’ll find 5 different ideas on this page for hanging groups of pictures.





Plan The Perfect Art Arrangement [7]: Gives tips for thinking through how you want to display items, suggests taping pieces (with painter’s tape) of Kraft paper on the wall that are the same dimensions as your frames before hammering away.

Gallery Wall Setup Tip [8]: Clever! This tutorial shows you how to use long pieces of wax paper to plan a gallery arrangement.



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