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Search Tips - Tipnut.comNew in April, 2010! The search function on has been upgraded to a customized google search. This means you’ll find what you’re looking for much easier than before!

Search Tips:

The more words you use, the better tuned your search results will be. If you’re looking for something specific, for best results type that in the search box…

  • example search words: polka dot apron pattern

If you want to see all the articles published on Tipnut for something, use a more generic term to search…

  • example search term: aprons

The search feature will include results from as well as its holiday sites (Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving). If there are too many results to wade through and you don’t want to see results from the holiday sites, you can exclude them easily! Example:

  • apron patterns

(you can just copy & paste the above into the search box instead of typing it yourself–replace the term apron patterns with the words you’re wanting to search)

This search feature is new to Tipnut and there are a lot of bells and whistles to it that I have to work out. I’m hoping it will prove to be a very useful function for you and that it will be easier than ever to find what you need on Tipnut! I’ll be adding more search tips in here as I come across them.