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Herb Cookery: Vintage Tip Sheet


Picture of Fresh Lemon Balm - Tipnut.comThe leaves have a delightful lemon flavor, but when used fresh should be subjected to a little simmering in boiling water to bring out their true flavor. Some herb leaves used fresh do not require this, but balm leaves do.


Picture of Fresh Basil - Tipnut.comExcellent to flavor soups, some sauces, salads, etc.


Used seldom in cooked dishes, mostly in summer punches–those delicious cold fruit beverages, and in some salads, especially when fruits are used as the basic ingredients. As a matter of fact, borage seems to combine better with fruit juices, or fruits in salads than with many vegetables. This herb is not used in pickling, or in sauces to any extent.


The seeds are used most often for sprinkling on top of little cakes, cookies, buns and fancy breads.


Picture of Fresh Dill - Tipnut.comOf course–for pickles! But this belongs in some other dishes too, for a few short sprigs of fresh dill added to some soups, meat sauces, and gravies, make of them something to remember!

Sweet Fennel

Use this one most sparingly, as the leaves and seeds are both used and have a sweet hot flavor to them.


Though used mostly in candy-making nowadays, there are still some who add a leaf or two to a cup of hot tea, when one is weary, and feels a cold coming on. Yes–another of those grandmother remedies–but still used in many parts of the country! Use sparingly as the flavor is very strong.


Picture of Fresh Lavender - Tipnut.comSurely you all have some of this in your garden, if only for the sweet fragrance for your bed linen? Grow it in quantities–it’s delightful when fresh or dried.

Sweet Marjoram

Picture of Fresh Marjoram - Tipnut.comShould be used a great deal more than it is, and it is definitely deserving of a good place in the kitchen.


One of the favorites:


The very young tender leaves are excellent chopped fine and added to various salad combinations; seeds are used in making pickles and relishes, and in cooking with some vegetable dishes.

Poppy Seeds

These are used to sprinkle on top of yeast rolls and breads, and on crisp thin cookies.


Picture of Fresh Rosemary - Tipnut.comDelightful fragrance from this herb!


Picture of Fresh Sage - Tipnut.comThough used most often in poultry and meat dressing, sage has other uses too:


As poetical as any herb and as useful.


Take time to enjoy your garden, not just in the summer, and not just the fragrance of it, but make good use of all it offers you in flavor as well. For preserving and drying herbs, here are 10 easy methods [3] to try.

Source: McFayden’s Vegetable Cook Book (1948)