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Holiday Baking Tips: Managing A Cookie Assembly Line

It’s that time of year again when we’re baking up a storm, filling dainty trays and gift boxes with fresh homemade baked goods to give as gifts. Here are a few tips I have for making the most of your time when baking several dozen cookies [1] at once.

Baking For The Holidays Is Always A Treat!

Get Prepared:

Day One:

Day Two:

Day Three:

I find this to be a less hectic method for baking dozens of cookies (well over a hundred can be made over the weekend stress-free) and it only consumes a couple hours each day (baking day will need a few more hours depending on how many are being made). If the kiddos are excited about helping decorate, it’s really nice to be able to sit and do the decorating with them rather than jumping up and down getting cookies out of the oven or shaping dough onto sheets.

If giving batches of homemade cookies as gifts, see these creative packaging ideas [2].