How To Shape & Decorate Holiday Breads

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Holiday Breads -

Shape Breads These Ways

Stollen–This homey loaf starts with a big oval of dough folded over to resemble a jumbo Parker House roll.
Shaping Stollen -

Almond Sugar Twist–Rolling dough, jelly-roll style, then winding, round and round, are the only tricks needed here. When making the coil, it’s easy to handle if you place one end of roll on cooky sheet, then start winding.
Rolling Almond Sugar Twist -

Saint Lucia Saffron Buns–Plain arithmetic keeps these little sweets even in size. First divide long roll of dough into quarters, then each quarter in fourths again. Roll pieces into 6-inch-long “pencils;” cross each two “pencils” as shown, then curve ends into neat coils.

Shaping Saint Lucia Saffron Buns -

Decorate Breads These Ways

Sprinkling Sugar -
What could be simpler than sprinkling loaf with a snowy shower of 10X (confectioners’ powdered) sugar? Yet it looks so festive! (Just press the sugar through a fine sieve right onto bread.)

Decorated Stollen Bread -
Or trim with sliced almonds (buy them in packages) arranged, petal fashion around whole or halved candied cherries. Another flower idea:Cut stems and leaves from thin slices of candied citron or bright green gumdrops; use cherries for the blossom.

Source: Family Circle Magazine, 1960

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