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DIY Holiday Storage Solutions: {Projects & Tips}

It’s a lot of fun decorating for the holidays but considering we only use the decorations, wrapping paper, Christmas lights, etc., once a year…that’s a lot of gear to pack and store away. Here are a few tips and ideas to help you get the most from the space that you have and keep everything tidy and tangle-free.

That Was Fun...Now What!

Ready for some clever projects and ideas? Here ya go…


Gift Wrap Hamper [1]: Step-by-step tutorial for creating a storage hamper to hold wrapping paper, bows, tags, ribbon & more.

Greeting Cards Booklet [2]: If you like to save the cards you receive each year, here’s a quick & easy idea to keep them together.



Clever Shoe Box Idea [3]: The lid is trimmed then lights are wrapped around it, tuck inside box for tangle-free storage.

Tidy Ornaments [4]: A piece of cardboard is cut to fit inside a plastic bin then plastic cups are hot-glued to it (to hold tissue-wrapped ornaments).



Tangle-Free Lights [5]: Cardboard is sliced in two places then a string of lights is wrapped around it (cord ends go through slits).

Pegboard Station [6]: A pegboard is installed then S hooks, bins and brackets are added to hold bags, wrapping paper, ribbon & more.



Wrapping Paper & Ribbon Organizer [7]: Made of wood and holds rolls of wrapping paper and ribbons, hangs on the back of a door.

Gift-Wrapping Station [8]: Removable dowels (supported by curtain-rod brackets) are hung along with screw-in coat hooks and a dry-erase calendar.



Coffee Can Wrap [9]: A slit is cut in the plastic lid to put the receptacle end through, then lights wrapped around the outside.

Sliding Bins (Ceiling) [10]: Utilize dead space in the garage by constructing an overhead storage system (instructions provided).



Garment Bag [11]: Stash rolls of wrapping paper in a hanging, zipped garment bag.