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10 Home Remedies For Dandruff

Here is my collection of remedies for dandruff, be careful to not get any of the solutions in your eyes since I’m sure it would sting a bit (just like with commercial products).

If your scalp has a cut or broken skin, wait till that is fully healed so you won’t experience any stinging.

Note: Be aware that it’s possible a treatment may strip dyed color or affect light colors such as blonde or gray, I have no way to test this to know for sure. You could test a patch underneath at the back if you want to make sure there will be no problems.

Tip: If you discover a successful treatment for your situation, make sure to keep all hair tools clean to help prevent a recurrence. Regularly soak combs and picks in a jar of Listerine or household vinegar and spray brushes with same.

Here’s a simple Anti-Dandruff recipe you can try, this can be used daily to help control itching and flaking (source: davidsuzuki.org [2])…