10 Homemade Applesauces

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Here’s a treat for this week’s Recipe Hit List–homemade applesauce! It’s healthy, easy to make and a great way to preserve a bounty of this season’s apples. Many of these work well in canning and there are a couple crockpot recipes too. I’ve also made sure to include some flavor twists with added fruits such as blueberries, cranberries and pears while others include spices such as cinnamon and ginger. Lots to pick from here, enjoy!

*Note: Descriptions below are quotes from the sources


Make This Lovely Roasted Applesauce With Recipe From closetcooking.blogspot.com

  1. Roasted: (as seen in picture). The apple sauce was really easy to make; you simply toss the apples with some spices, roast them and then mash them. I let my apples roast for a good long time, until they were nice and soft and caramelizing. Because I let the apples roast so long the apple sauce came out pretty dark but it was great! Found at Closet Cooking.
  2. Spiced: Also includes recipe for Caramel Apple Jam. From Chickens In The Road.
  3. Baked: Well, folks, this is just about the easiest (and BEST) applesauce you will ever make. No peeling, no dicing, no slicing, no kidding. I just can’t decide what I like most about it, the fact that it’s so easy to make, or the awesome apple-pie flavor. Found at Circle B Kitchen.
  4. Crockpot (Slow Cooker) Chunky Cinnamon: I love this recipe because it is effortless! You make the applesauce in the crockpot (slow cooker) and there is no canning involved. The hardest part is chopping the apples, which I didn’t mind doing. I like chopping, it’s a great stress reliever:) I used a mixture of our CA apples-Gala, Honey Crisp, and Granny Smith. I also added in lots of cinnamon. The house smelled amazing while the applesauce was simmering. Found at Two Peas And Their Pod.
  5. CrockPot Version: This makes enough for 4 people. If you would like to freeze or can, use more apples. From A Year of Slow Cooking.
  6. Maple-Ginger: If you’ve never made applesauce before, give this a try. If you’re a pro, then you already know: it’s easy, cheap, and so, so New England in the Fall. Found at Cheap Healthy Good.
  7. With Cranberries: A favorite New England pairing – apples and cranberries simmered to create a luscious slightly tart sauce, sweetened with organic raw agave. Make it as sweet or as tart as you prefer. This beautiful ruby red applesauce is a lovely side dish for so many fall recipes. Found at Gluten Free Goddess.
  8. Apple-Pear: McIntosh apples work beautifully here if you’re buying specifically for the recipe, but I’ve often used whatever apples we have on hand from the CSA, and it all tastes good. The sauce also works well unsweetened, if you’re into that sort of thing. Found at Serious Eats.
  9. Maple-Cinnamon: Turn fresh fall apples into delicious maple-and-cinnamon-spiked homemade applesauce with this easy recipe. Found at Eating Well.
  10. Spiced With Blueberries: While it was processing, I took a taste of the applesauce, and shivered. It was that good–flowery and fruity, with the best qualities of both apples and blueberries, with a perfect balance between tart and sweet. The spices were subtle, but definitely present, and they took the sauce over the top into splendid. It will taste great in Kat’s oatmeal, for certain, but it is also something that I see the rest of us eating too. I can see putting it over good vanilla ice cream, or serving it with braised pork or roasted venison. Or using it as a tart filling or a spread on bread. Or just plain old eating it. Found at Tigers & Strawberries.

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