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Recipes For Carpet Cleaner, Freshener & Sachets

Here are a few different recipes to make your own carpet cleaner along with one for a homemade freshener (using baking soda, cornstarch and dried lavender or alternatives such as cloves and cinnamon) as well as a tip for making fragrant vacuum sachets.

IngredientsFirst, here’s an easy and natural way to remove stains and brighten up carpets, just a few simple ingredients are all that’s needed!


2 tsp eucalyptus oil
2 tsp glycerine
2 TBS vinegar
2 TBS bicarbonate soda
2 TBS methylated spirits


Source: Warringah Online Home [1] (pdf)

If you’re looking for an organic carpet freshener, this one’s really nice. It makes a big batch and you can use whatever dried flowers and/or herbs that you like (it also lasts quite awhile).

You can cut the amounts down if you like until you find your favorite blend. To give yourself a small variety to choose from, you could split the recipe in three then add three different dried flower or herb choices to each container/mix. (*First published October 25, 2007 and moved to this page for better organization).


6 cups baking soda
3 cups dried lavender buds/flowers*
1 cup cornstarch


Alternative Ideas:

Crush the herbs or flowers up a bit first before adding to the mix.

Instead of using dried herbs, you can substitute with essential oils, experiment with amounts for best results. Make sure to mix it in thoroughly and let sit for a few days before using.

Slip these sachets into your vacuum bag and enjoy the pleasant fragrance when you vacuum the floor. They’re easy to make using just a few simple ingredients and best part is: they don’t make a mess!


1/4 cup dried lavender*
1/4 cup dried rosemary*
1 TBS cloves*
1/2 cup cedar shavings
1 TBS baking soda
5 to 7 drops of essential oil (your choice)
Pantyhose or cheesecloth squares

*Or use 1/2 cup of your favorite herbal blend


Tip: Instead of using the above mix, try using your favorite potpourri blend [2], add a few extra drops of essential oils if needed.

Instructions For Use: