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Homemade Gift Baskets – The Ultimate How To Guide

Have you always wanted to learn how to make beautiful homemade gift baskets or have a large running list of basket themes and gift ideas at your disposal? Then this is the ultimate How To guide for you!

There Are Plenty Of Fun Ways To Present A Gift Basket

This tip sheet is packed with videos for how to make them as well as lovely fillers and theme ideas (make sure to catch all the details and ideas listed at the bottom).

On the videos you’ll find inspiration for themes, how to fill, wrap, make bows and decorate the baskets. Then you’ll find dozens more easy to make homemade gift ideas and themes from Tipnut.

In less than 30 minutes, you’ll know exactly how to make gift baskets just like the pros!

The first video is how to make a cellophane plume for decorating a gift basket, it gives a nice professional touch yet it’s easier to make than you might think:

The next video is from Rachel Ray’s show with two guests (Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza) who discuss unique ideas for gift baskets (I totally dig the pet gift basket!), then ends with how to make The Cuddle Kit. Steve also points out three steps to remember if you want to make a great basket: Visibility, Stability and Presentation.

Another hot tip they give: Use a bookmark [1] for the gift tag.

This last video presents ideas for different themes and items to fill gift baskets with, but she also spends time toward the end on how to package the baskets in cellophane wrap. Also some thrifty ideas: choose one nice gift item that the recipient will like that may be a little pricey, put it in the middle of the basket to make it the central focus–then surround it with nice little things that don’t cost as much. She knows her prices too and gives hints for using more economical decorations.

Filler Ideas

If you need some ideas for gifts to include in the baskets (that won’t break the bank), you have a crazy amount of ideas at your fingertips right here on Tipnut:

Food Gifts: Peppermint Bark [2], Fudge [3], Chocolate Covered Pretzels [4], Cookies [5], Gifts In A Jar [6], Gourmet Popcorn [7], Candied Ginger [8], Flavored Sugar Recipes [9], Vanilla Extract [10], Homemade Orange Extract [11]

Pampered Gifts: Eye Masks & Pillows [12], Scented Sachets [13], Soaps [14], Makeup Bags [15], Bath & Beauty Gift-Worthy Crafts [16], Sugar Scrubs [17], Rose Water [18], Rose Petal Vinegar [19], Foot Soak Recipes [20], Microwave Heating Bags [21]

Crafty Filler Ideas: Potpourri [22], Pretty Votive Candles [23], Lavender Vinegar [24], Loads of crafty fabric remnant gift ideas [25], DIY Bookmarks [1], Pretty Recipe Cards [26], BooBoo Bunny (for baby baskets) [27]

And for Pet Gifts: Dog Toys & Accessories [28], Catnip [29]

Decoration Ideas: Paper Flowers [30]

Theme Ideas

After watching the videos (less than 30 minutes total), all the thrifty homemade gifts and the collection of themes, you’ll have no trouble putting together fantastic gift baskets. You now know how to beautifully decorate and wrap them as well as work with several different theme ideas.

Please share your own favorite ideas below if I’ve missed any–themes, gifts and decorating tips or how about favorite theme/basket you received. I’d love to hear them :).