Free Hooded Towel Patterns & Tutorials: {Sewing}

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Here’s a nice mix of tutorials that are great for both the beach and the tub! You’ll find a few different ideas for embellishing as well as some projects designed just for baby which are nice for gift-giving. I’ll be adding to this list as I find more goodies with something unique to offer :).

Embellished: This is a little nicer with a strip of fabric and ric-rac trim.

Backpack: This clever project is a backpack & hooded towel in one!

With Pretty Appliques: Step-by-step instructions are just for making the robe itself, but shows how lovely it can be with appliques added.

Frog: Takes about an hour (max) and less than $10 to make.

Super Easy Version: Basic design but gives a nice idea to embellish with decorative ribbon.

Monster: Fun for toddlers, you’ll need an old sheet (or fabric of choice), fleece (for eyes & back spikes), flannel (for eyes and teeth).

Hamptons: Uses one bath sheet or plain terry cloth, piping and a yard of cotton material. Includes a template to download.

Spiced Up: Trimmed with 1/3 yard of a cotton print.

Minky: Embellished with a bit of rick-rack and minky dot.

Simple: Instructions for this are via pdf.

Baby Set: Project includes two 9-inch washcloths.

For Baby: Made with pretty material, terry cloth and double-fold bias tape.

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4 Comments to “Free Hooded Towel Patterns & Tutorials: {Sewing}”
  1. Alta says:

    Great job on the hooded towels. I have made hooded towels for all my grandchildren and they love it. A tip I would like to share is to use a Walking Foot on your sewing machine when making these towels. It makes sewing a lot easier. A little expensive but worth every penny.

  2. Kay Reader says:

    I am looking for a pattern or suggestion for a towel wrap that has arms so that the boys can hold on to the railing when they go from the shower room to the pool. Their towels fall off and they are tripping on them. Something very simple would be great.

  3. Tammy says:

    Maybe you can sew two loops (kind of like handles) inside for them to slip their arms (or wrists) through.

  4. Catherine says:

    How do you make a unicorn hood towel?
    The unicorn part is really tricky.
    Thank you for your suggestion

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