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House Cleaning Kit – Tips & Ideas

One of the secrets to efficient house cleaning is to cart around your own customized cleaning kit from room to room, this saves you time since you have everything you need at hand.

As common sense as it sounds, this isn’t something that occurred to me until FlyLady [1] caught my attention a few years ago, she has a lot of good tips and I very much recommend the system (it’s free!).

For the kit itself, you can use a bucket, a plastic caddy, a box or whip yourself up a housekeeping apron to stick everything in. Using an apron is especially helpful when decluttering at the same time you’re cleaning since you can free up an arm to cart around an empty box to fill up from room to room (you can find a couple free patterns here [2] for housekeeping aprons).

Here’s a list of ideas for supplies to pack in your own kit, feel free to add your own ideas below :).

Supply List