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How To Clean Quick Tips & Tutorials: {Household}

Grime Busters For Outside:

Here are a few quick step-by-step tutorials showing how to clean a deep freeze, ceiling fans and lampshades. I’ll be adding more to this page over time, enjoy!


Depending on use, freezers should be thoroughly emptied and washed a couple times of year. Spring (April) and fall (October) is a good plan since it will be fresh and organized right before the holidays, and then again during spring cleaning.


The best time to do this job is when food stocks are low.

Ceiling Fans

Regular Weekly Maintenance:

By doing this weekly you won’t have to worry about grime and grease buildup.

If it’s been awhile since you last tackled the job, try this:


Do you keep the plastic packaging on your lampshades to make cleanup easier? It’s easy enough to wipe the plastic down with a damp cloth, but the plastic wrap doesn’t fit everyone’s sense of style. Also, be aware that the plastic may be a fire hazard because of the heat the light bulb generates.


For spots and stain removal, try this recipe (test a hidden area first):

Stain Remover Recipe:

Did You Know: The shades should be rotated regularly to avoid sun damage and fading?