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25 Household Tips & Helpers: {Revisited}

These household helpers were posted previously as features to other sites and have been languishing in the archives…I’ve moved them all here into one handy list, enjoy!

Tips & Tricks For Around The Home

  1. Quick Knife & Scissor Sharpener Tricks: {DIY} [1]: Very clever! DIY Life has a few different tricks to try: Use unglazed terra cotta to sharpen knives, clean and sharpen can openers with wax paper, bring dull scissors back to life with aluminum foil and don’t miss the comments section, you’ll find a few tricks shared there too.
  2. 5 Easy Steps To Clutter Free Living [2]: No need to feel overwhelmed when it comes to decluttering your home…this list of tips breaks things down into 5 simple steps.
  3. How To Clean Like A Maid [3]: The tips aren’t overwhelming at all, basically divide your house into “wet” and “dry” rooms, keep a kit full of your needed cleaning supplies and attack each room from top to bottom, left to right.
  4. How To Make “The Best Mop In The World [4]: I am always picking up old towels and facecloths at garage sales for pennies, there’s a reason for that: they make fantastic cleaning rags for around the home. This is a great idea to use up some of those rags.
  5. Cleaning Your House on the Cheap! [5]: You’ll find great ideas and resources mentioned on the site including homemade cleaners and tips for cutting cleaning costs.
  6. How To Speed Clean Your Kitchen [6]: The tips include: Start with your sink, keep it empty and shining (this helps motivate you to keep the rest of the kitchen clean)…also see How To Clean A Stainless Steel Sink [7]; Do quick cleanup jobs while waiting for things like the coffee to be brewed and ready; Do daily wipe downs of appliances, counters and floors.
  7. Nitty-Gritty Guide to Cleaning Household Surfaces [8]: You’ll find 18 quick, no-nonsense tips for cleaning all kinds of household surfaces: How to Clean Butcher Block; How to Clean Ceramic Tile; How to Clean Cork; How to Clean Glass; How to Clean Granite; How to Clean Hardwood Cabinets; How to Clean Hardwood Flooring; How to Clean Limestone; How to Clean Marble; How to Clean Mirrors; How to Clean Plastic-Laminate Countertops and Cabinets; How to Clean Plastic-Laminate Flooring; How to Clean Porcelain and Enameled Cast Iron; How to Clean Slate; How to Clean Soapstone; How to Clean Solid Surfacing (Corian, Avonite); How to Clean Stainless Steel; How to Clean Vinyl Flooring.
  8. How to Fold Anything [9]: Tips include: How to Fold a Sweater; How to Fold a Dress Shirt; How to Fold a T-Shirt; How to Fold a Fitted Sheet; How to Fold a Napkin; How to Fold a Round Tablecloth; How to Fold a Broadsheet Newspaper; How to Fold a Business Letter.
  9. Stylish Jewelry Storage [10]: Jewelry boxes can be handy, but they can also turn your prettiest baubles into unsightly nests of knots. Here are four display-worthy organizing ideas we’re sure you’ll take a shine to.
  10. Amazing Trick – Retrieve Items Dropped Down A Drain [11]: I’ve dropped a few things down the drain myself and this is one thing I’ve never thought to try to retrieve the object and clear the drain. I find toothpaste caps seem particularly interested in taking a trip down the drain pipe.
  11. Utilize Tight Spaces For A Clean Home [12]: Living in a small space does have it’s challenges (and benefits too!), but examining your space creatively will reveal some great storage nuggets that you can put to good use. Please visit the site for some inspiration.
  12. Pilers, Filers, and Messies: Home Organization Ideas [13]: The article points out the differences between a Filer and a Piler and how to avoid becoming a Messy by developing a system that suits your personality. If you’re a Piler trying to be a Filer, you’re setting yourself up for frustration (and disaster piles!) which then means a sense of defeat and failure. Interesting to read, please check out the site for all the tips.
  13. How to Cure PackRat-itis [14]: If you can barely type over the pile of stuff on your desk, then hopefully you’ll find inspiration.
  14. How to Fix a Leaky Gutter [15]: (Video) Tips include choosing the right sealer, preparing and cleaning out the area where the leak is and applying the sealer.
  15. Smart Tip: Use Cupcake Liners As Popsicle Drip Catchers [16]: I wonder if it’s just the kiddos that need this when they’re eating popsicles, some adults have a hard time with melting popsicle mess too, lol! Please visit Parent Hacks for more cool tips like this one.
  16. How To Organize A Junk Drawer [17]: (Video) Some organizing purists advise against junk drawers, but I find ours quite handy and consider it more a “Resource Drawer” (as suggested in the video). Everyone in our home knows exactly where to find glue sticks, scissors, pens, scrap paper, string, tape, etc. (and saves my home office from being raided thank you very much 😉 ). I wouldn’t be without one!
  17. Do It Yourself Closet Organization [18]: (Video) The video is a bit long at just under 8 minutes, but it’s well done and moves quickly–lots of great info with before and after shots.
  18. How To Recycle Anything [19]: There are 8 pages full of items and how to recycle them, great resource to bookmark.
  19. Ideas For Reusing Plastic Milk Jugs [20]: Ideas include: Make A Scooper (for dog food, etc.); Refrigerator Organizer (cut down to size); Ice Blocks For Coolers (also see Quick & Easy Homemade Ice Packs [21]). Also see this list on DIY Life [22] that has more ideas. One of the tips in the comments mentioned something that I’ve seen works perfectly when berry picking: Make sure to keep the handle intact, but cut off an area at the top of the jug. Take the jugs berry picking and use them to hold the berries, they make a nice sturdy container (with handles).
  20. Easy Organizing – 8 Tips For Storing Photos [23]: Tips include: Be choosy about the photo albums you use (acid-free only); don’t be afraid to toss the losers (blurry, etc.) and give away the doubles to reduce your “To Organize” pile; Stock up on supplies so you always have what you need on hand to stay organized.
  21. Tips For Buying Secondhand Silver [24]: Don’t let grubby, tarnished bargains scare you away, some advice for cleaning tarnished silver is offered too. You can also try Homemade Silver Polishing Cloths [25] and the Sour Milk Silver Soak listed on the bottom of that page.
  22. 10 Essential Packing Rules & Tips When Traveling With Children [26]: A great list of tips, check out the comments area too–lots of good discussion going on there.
  23. Christmas Decorations Packing Tip [27]: This is a similar idea for what we do with Christmas tree lights, outdoor light strings and garlands too. Great way to keep everything organized and no unforgiving knotted mess to work through for next year.
  24. 10 Reasons to Pack Duct Tape When You Travel [28]: Note the tip that you can easily carry around duct tape in the form of mini-rolls by first wrapping it around an expired credit card, pencil, Popsicle stick, etc.
  25. Household Science: Homemade Tips [29]: Includes tip lists like Ten Surprising Uses For Aspirin; 12 Things To Do With Coca-Cola; 18 Simple and Practical Applications for Olive Oil Not Including Salad and more.