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How To Clean A Cat Litter Box

Here are a list of steps to thoroughly clean the kitty litter box and keep things sanitized. I’ve also included several links at the bottom pointing to some neat ideas to hide the box in some manner.

Keep The Litterbox Clean For Kitty

Keep The Litterbox Clean For Kitty

Clean as frequently as needed. Before washings, you can use a scooper to scoop out waste daily, that will keep things fresher longer.

You can keep a “Maintenance Kit” so you have everything ready and in one place. Have a pail or box to hold your rubber gloves and a fresh, clean stack of rags used for cleaning.



Here are a few ideas and products posted on flickr for hiding litter boxes or at least making them fit into your decor nicely:

DIY Project [1]: Here’s a mess free project made with an 18 gallon bin, scissors and a circular template (to cut the hole).

More ideas:

New Cover [2]; Jen’s Amazing Contraption [3]; Custom Project [4]; Custom How To [5].

A few tips: