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How To Clean A Coffee Pot: {Plus Tips}

ExampleIf your favorite small appliance is looking a little grungy lately, here’s an easy way to make it look brand new again:

That’s it! It should be as new again with any brown buildup or grunge washed away.


  1. The vinegar not only helps clean the inside of the glass, but also flushes out any buildup in the tank and tubes.
  2. Use this method regularly and you’ll prolong the life of the machine as well as keep the glass sparkling.
  3. If it is especially coated in film or liquid has accidentally been burned in it, fill the pot with vinegar and leave overnight. In the morning dump the vinegar in a pail and wash the pot in hot soapy water. If there are still some stubborn brown film stains, fill it again with the saved vinegar and soak overnight again. Repeat the process until it is sparkling again.
  4. If you have a thermos or carafe, fill it with 50/50 hot water and vinegar and allow to soak overnight. This helps remove the film inside as well.