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Ways To Clean Sponges + Tip For Clipping Them

Did you know sponges used for day-to-day wiping up should be sterilized at least every other day? They are nice for scrubbing and wiping up, but make sure to wash them regularly to help prevent spreading grubbies around your home.

According to Simmons Center for Hygiene and Health in the Home:

A sponge that’s been in use for no more than two or three days in a kitchen will harbor millions of bacteria, said Elizabeth Scott, co-director of the Simmons Center for Hygiene and Health in the Home at Simmons College in Boston. That’s a problem, she said, if you pick up the pathogen or a pathogenic E. coli, salmonella or campylobacter.

She added: That means that any time you use one to wipe up a surface you are potentially spreading those pathogens.

Source: NYTimes [1]

Cleaning methods depend on what they’re used for and what chemicals they’re already holding.

Used For Kitchen Counters & Dishes:

Used For Wiping Up Toilets, Bathrooms, Showers & Floors:

Containing Ammonia:

More Methods:

*Soaking and rinsing before tossing in the laundry helps remove most of the hair and grubbies before being tossed with other items in the machine.

Here’s a tip sent in from Margie and it’s a great way to keep those used for nasty jobs separate from your good stuff:

If you are going to use old face cloths, dish cloths, tea towels or sponges as dust rags or for messy cleaning jobs, cut a piece off one corner so they don’t get mixed up with your good items. You’ll recognize them right away.

I have a stash I use just for the bathroom that I wash and store separately, clipping them will be a useful way to know at a glance that these guys didn’t get mixed with the good stash by mistake.

Thanks very much for sharing that Margie!