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13 Lovely Water Feature Projects

If you don’t have the space or the time to devote to a garden pond, consider a small water fountain or container garden, they’re easier to maintain and just as lovely. Here is a selection of free tutorials and projects that I’ve handpicked from around the ‘net, most are very simple to put together and some even include plant ideas and recipes to try. A few of these projects have been previously featured on Tipnut and moved here for one handy project sheet, enjoy!


Build A Fountain/Container [1]: A simple design that incorporates a glazed ceramic pot that you place at an angle so you hear the sound of flowing water.

With Stacked Rocks [2]: Fountain-ize most any leftover garden ornament or drill holes in a stack of rocks you found on-site, turning it into an enduring monument to tranquility.



Bowl or 1/2 Barrel [3]: Choose a container that’s at least 6 inches deep, with a dark interior and no drainage hole, or a half barrel with a plastic liner. A glazed terra-cotta pot can also be used.

Bubbling Urn [4]: Materials needed include a water feature urn, large terracotta pan, pond pump, plastic-coated grille, pond liner, cobbles, hose and bricks.



Mini-Pond [5]: Small-container water gardens are actually a collection of submerged potted plants, so redesigning a planting is as simple as moving the pots around.

Pyramidal Pots [6]: Super easy to make! Stacked pots filled with a pump and filled to the brim produce sounds reminiscent of lapping waves.



Whiskey Barrel [7]: Made with a whiskey or wine barrel, pond liner, a pump, pond tubing, cedar board & an antique hand pump (or other decorative feature).

Soothing [8]: Made with two glazed pots (a shallow bowl nests snugly inside the larger pot), a bucket, and a small recirculating pump.



Terra-Cotta [9]: Constructed with a strawberry jar, azalea pot, and terra-cotta bowl, this fountain is ideal for a deck or patio. It will beckon you to relax by its soothing bubbling water.

Homemade Patio Fountain [10]: Made with river rocks, a large garden pot, hardware cloth and a fountain kit.



Unique Project [11]: Wow, is this nice! Made with a sheet of decorative aluminum, some boards and common plumbing parts.

How To Make A Stock Tank Pond [12]: Step-by-step instructions from digging out the location and filling it with plants and water.



Mini Water Garden Oasis [13]: Three quick project ideas, one uses a washtub, the other idea is a grassy fountain and the last is a sand wedge made with two metal containers.

Also see this Container Water Garden Recipe from hgtv.com [14] and tips to Grow A Pond In A Pot [15].