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How To Make An Outdoor Skating Rink

Today’s feature tip is a project from My Family Loves It with DIY Backyard Ice Rink [1]. You’ll just need some lumber, liner or tarp and hardware for this project.

Making it level is the trickiest part but with a careful eye and some measuring, you can level it with filler. He suggests using hay, leaves or straw to stuff under the boards if there are any gaps underneath them so the liner won’t push out and tear. Most of the supplies you need can be reused next year.

Lots of fun for the kids and if you have any aspiring figure skaters or hockey players in the family, chances are you won’t have any problem keeping them active out in the fresh air this winter with a backyard rink in place.

Edit: John’s updated the site with more tips, you don’t want to miss them, find the details on this page [2]. I also couldn’t resist adding a picture of a future NHL hockey player ;).