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How To Make Cookie Cutters + More

Posted By Tipnut On December 6, 2010 @ 3:56 am In Baking Tips,Crafty Ideas | 1 Comment

Here are a few vintage cookie cutter shapes to print out for the holidays and a fun poinsettia cookie design how-to. Then I’ve listed a bunch of resources listing instructions for making your own cookie cutters as well as a few different projects and ideas you can use them for (they can be utilized for much more than just baking cookies!).

Vintage Templates

Simply click on the picture to get the large file (copy to your desktop by right-click and “save picture as”).

Angel Cookie Shape [1]

Angel Cookie Shape

The angel cutout was pasted into my vintage recipe scrapbook, not sure where it comes from but it’s probably 50 years old or so.

The gingerbread man is from Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book (1950).

Gingerbread Man [2]

Gingerbread Man

Reindeer Cookie Cut-out [3]

Reindeer Cookie Cut-out

These two cutouts were found in a recipe scrapbook and were clipped from a magazine. They were part of a gingerbread cookie display. You may want to resize the sleigh a bit smaller for cookie size.
Santa's Sleigh [4]

Santa's Sleigh


  • Make patterns by tracing outlines onto cardboard; cut out.
  • Lay cardboard patterns on cookie dough, cut around them with sharp knife.

Poinsettia Holiday Shape How-To

Try This Fun Cookie Shape For The Holidays

Try This Fun Cookie Shape For The Holidays


  • Merry Poinsettias sparkle with a rosy jam center. You roll out sugar-cookie dough; cut in 3-inch squares. Then make 4 diagonal corner slashes almost to center. Place strawberry or raspberry jam in center and fold over to form flower. Top each with a dot of jam.

Online Tutorials

Some of the instructions are quite simple using basic materials, others involve some metalwork. Whichever method you choose to try your hand at, the result can be a fabulous custom cookie cutter design, truly unique and only limited by your imagination :).

Project Ideas

Basic Design Advice & Tips

  • The referenced pages advise not to make the cookie cutters too large due to experiencing difficulties with the cookie dough before and after being baked. The trick is to find a good cookie dough that will work well with the size and shape of the cookie cutter as well as cutting the shape directly on the cookie sheet.
  • Be careful with intricate designs, nothing too skinny to prevent cookie breakage. You’ll also want to keep the outline shape fairly basic and no sides too close together, otherwise the dough can spread while baking and the cookie ends up being baked together into a blob.

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