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How To Make Rose & Lavender Water: Recipes & Tips

Rose water can be used in cooking as well as a rich beauty aid. Try some as a facial toner or astringent, in the bath or as a facial splash (refresher).

Notes on Preparation:

(Rose Hydrosol)

Items Needed:

Fresh petals (3 to 4 quarts)
Ice cubes
Enamel canning or stock pot with lid
Deep, heavy heat proof bowl

This process will enable condensation to form on the top inside of the lid. The condensation will drip down into the bowl inside the pot, the liquid inside the dish is the rosewater.

Old Fashioned Version:

Items Needed:

Rose Petals
Enamel Pot (any size)

Quick & Easy:

Oven Method:


Beauty Aid Additive:

This can be used in a variety of ways around the house. Some ideas:

First Method:

Mason Jar
Lavender Buds


3 TBS vodka
15 drops Lavender essential oil