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How To Pot A Plant & When To Repot It

Start with clean, scrubbed pots–preferably sterilized–for better success. Coarse steel wool or metal scouring pads clean them in a jiffy. Here’s how:


Preparing An Impatiens For Potting

Getting Ready:

Place a piece of broken crockery over the hole in the bottom of the container and cover with a handful of soil (you can use a few small stones instead of crockery pieces). The idea is to allow water to drain (instead of being trapped in the container) without losing soil. Placing a piece of broken crockery or a few rocks will provide filtered drainage.



Steps For Potting

Consider The Container:

See this page [2] for creative diy container ideas.

Source: Adapted From Better Homes & Gardens Garden Book (vintage insert)


Remove as much old soil as possible from roots, particularly from the top of soil ball, disturbing roots as little as possible. Use a container proportionate in size to the plant. Plants should be shifted to bigger pots as they grow larger.

To determine when it’s time to repot:

Keep Houseplants Healthy

Keep Houseplants Healthy By Repotting Them As Needed

When the plant has exhausted the nutritive value of the soil in the container, it should be transferred to a larger one to maintain its normal growth.

Source: House Plants – Indoor Flowers and Bulbs and How To Grow Them by Frederick J. Fryer (1946)