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How To Prepare & Preserve Pine Cones

Gathering your own pine cones is a great way to save some money on Christmas crafts, plus gives you a little exercise and fresh air while out collecting them.

If you’d like to gather your own pine cones to use for crafts like pinecone wreaths and ornaments, you first need to prepare them so they’ll be fully dried, de-sapped and de-bugged. Here are a few tips…

Gather Up All The Pine Cones You Like And Preserve Them For Craft Use With These Easy Tips

Drying & Opening Pine Cones


Instead of oven drying, you could wash then air dry them. Here’s how:

How To Bleach Them White


If you’re going to use pinecones for outdoor crafts such as bird feeders [1] and firestarters, you don’t need to clean and prepare them first.

If you use them in homemade potpourri recipes [2], clean them but don’t preserve with any type of spray.