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15+ Lovely Ideas For Growing Succulents

Looking for a few creative ideas for making succulent planters and wreaths? Here’s a nice collection using either cuttings or full grown plants that I’ve handpicked from around the ‘net, most are for outdoor gardening but there are some ideas for indoor planters too. Many include step-by-step tutorials and feature a wide variety of ideas. You’ll find the wreaths in their own section at the bottom. A few of these have already been featured on Tipnut but I’m including them here for one handy project sheet. I’ll be adding to this list over time so you may want to bookmark this page for reference, enjoy!


Spectacular Container [1]: Plants a variety of succulents in an ornate bird bath that features a layer of white rocks on top. Planting guide included.

Wall Garden [2]: Features a how-to from the book Garden Up! by Susan Morrison & Rebecca Sweet. Can use a living picture kit or diy or repurposed frame.



Table [3]: Recycles an old shipping crate and scraps of wood into a patio side table with a planting strip down the middle.

Teacup Garden [4]: Round up pretty teacups from thrift shops and flea markets, plant with an assortment of succulents and voila! Charming indoor garden display.



Ball [5]: Made with two hanging baskets and echeverias individually tied in place with wire.

DIY Favors [6]: Planted in 3″ round zinc containers and topped with pea gravel or small rocks, a white paint pen is used to label as you wish.



DIY Vertical Garden [7]: Made by planting in a preassembled frame that has a mesh top (the mesh and wood backing holds soil in place).

DIY Book Planters [8]: A square hole is cut in an old book, cover with a piece of plastic then plant. To water, lightly spray using a water bottle (to avoid damaging pages).



Hanging Basket [9]: Tips for planting a basket, this one’s filled with painted echeveria, Pearl of Nuremberg echeveria and October Daphne sedum.

Container Garden Plans [10]: Features over two dozen creative pot ideas (includes plant ideas to use).



Chair Seat Planter [11]: (pdf) The idea is to remove the chair’s upholstered seat and make a new planter seat with chicken wire and some weedmat to hold dirt, sphagnum moss and potting mix that you can plant in.

DIY Tiered Planter [12]: Use Gorilla Glue, dollar store ceramic bowls and clear glasses to make this easy project. Fill with a bit of soil, gravel, succulents and finish off with river rocks.



Framed Vertical Garden [13]: This project uses a vintage frame, chicken wire, oak plywood (for backing), cactus soil and plant clippings. No kit required!

Handmade Clay Pots [14]: Made with oven-bake clay and includes templates to download (pdf).



Bath Organizer Planter [15]: Easy to hang on an outer wall, line the bath caddy with felt, fill with dirt and plant assorted succulents.

Birdcage [16]: The one in the picture is just a craft store birdcage, moss is packed inside to cover the container.


DIY Living Wreaths

The techniques used for the wreaths below are pretty similar but I’m including them all to highlight the different plant varieties used.


Living Wreath Tutorial [17]: Quick tutorial, uses a wire wreath ring, wet potting soil and soaked sphagnum moss (for the potting medium). Let sit for a week before hanging (for roots to take hold).

Wreath [18]: Step-by-step tutorial that includes a video.



Make A Succulent Wreath [19]: Example used is a ready-made sphagnum moss wreath but you can purchase a wire form and sphagnum moss liner separately.

Living Wreath [20]: Place the wreath on a platter to display on a tabletop (to protect the table) or hang outside.