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20+ Jewelry Organizer Projects & Ideas

Tired of digging through jewelry boxes looking for an earring or taking time to untangle a delicate necklace? Here’s a bunch of nifty projects to help organize and display all your pieces neatly. Some hang on the wall or on the back of doors while others can rest on a dresser. Many are simple to make and all but a couple are crafty DIYs (there are two sewing projects listed so far). A few of the framed projects seem the same at first glance, but there are either material tweaks or feature ideas that differ so I included them all. Enjoy!


Hanging Project [1]: Made with a wooden tray, foam board, fabric, glue, repurposed wooden boxes, paint and cup hooks.

Clay Dish [2]: Not an organizer but useful for holding coins, keys and jewelry. Made with Sculpey oven-bake clay, a texture plate (for the pattern), acrylic paint and finished with a glossy top coat.



DIY Display Stand [3]: Made with aluminum wire, polymer clay (for the stand base) and a bit of varnish.

Paper Covered [4]: Made with heavy scrapbook paper, a block of wood, nickel-plated cup hooks, sawtooth hangers and glue or double sided tape.



Repurposed Table Top Organizer [5]: Made using a metal outdoor table or cafe table, spray paint, primer and S hooks.

Shabby Chic Earring Display [6]: Made using an 8 x 10 picture frame, picture wire, acrylic paint & brush, staple gun (or nails/tacks, etc).



Girls’ Catchall [7]: Made from a picture frame with spools (to hold necklaces, rings, etc.) and ribbons attached and can be hung from a picture hook.

Easy Earring Organizer [8]: Made with a picture frame (with glass), fabric, ribbon and packing tape. Sits on a chest of drawers or table top.



Window Frame Display [9]: Made with an old wooden window frame, screening, foam core board, fabric (or decorative paper), and a few more bits and pieces. Nice ‘n big for those who need it.

DIY Organizer [10]: Frame hangs by ribbon and backed with wire mesh. Use S hooks to hang necklaces and other jewelry pieces.



Framed Lace [11]: A large piece of lace or doily is stretched and stapled to a wooden picture frame, ideal for hanging earrings.

Earring Embroidery Ring [12]: A pretty tree with colorful leaves are appliqued to a piece of fabric, some needlework is added and then the piece is displayed in an embroidery hoop to hang earrings.



Unique Style [13]: Assorted pieces of hardware (drawer pulls, knobs, handles) are attached to a burlap covered board.

Shadow Box Holder [14]: A wallpaper remnant is adhered to the back with glue then screw hooks are attached to hold necklaces, earrings and other baubles.



Cutlery Tray [15]: Bamboo cutlery trays are spray painted, vinyl cup hooks installed (to hold necklaces, etc.) then attached to walls (3 trays high).

Refurbished Box (How-To) [16]: Spiffy up an ordinary jewelry box with spray paint, clip on earrings (1 for each drawer) and a small piece of fabric.



Necklace Rack [17]: A wooden base is painted and covered with decorative paper, sealed with gloss medium then cup hooks added.

Memo Board Holder [18]: Turn a ribbon board into a pretty place to hang your jewelry.



Hanging Burlap Pouch [19]: (no-sew) Features pockets along the bottom edge to hold trinkets, hang necklaces along the bottom of the hanger and pin earrings/brooches on open spaces.

Jewelry Storage [20]: Fabric covered cork board that’s fitted inside a frame, features a band of ribbons across the top for earrings.



Hanging [21]: Sewing project that hangs on the back of a door and holds necklaces, bracelets, whatever else you like.