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40+ Scented Sachets To Make

Here’s a nice collection featuring many different types of scented sachets you can make that I’ve collected from around the ‘net. These make great stocking stuffers and gifts throughout the year for both young and old, something here to suit everyone’s taste and crafting ability! I’ve broken them into three different groups: Fabric & Sewing, Crochet & Knitting, and then Paper (most are sewn). Enjoy! Update: I added a couple vintage patterns at the bottom of the page (crochet).

Fabric & Sewn


Tiny Purse [1]: Turn a fabric scrap into this charmer! Use a bit of trim for the purse handle, fill with dried lavender buds and stamp on a “designer” label.

Patterned [2]: Make sachets with whatever custom print you like with this project! Create a design on the computer then print onto paper backed fabric and whip up quick & easy sachets.



Machine Embroidered [3]: Whip up lovely embroidered sachets assembly-line style with this tutorial.

Folded Hankie [4]: With a bit of folding and hand sewing, you can make these charming sachets. Fill the pouch with dried lavender, then secure the flap with some hidden hand-sewn stitches. Complete instructions are on slide #8.



Lavender Filled Stocking [5]: Free pattern pieces included. Made with pretty fabric scraps and “hung” with bits of ribbon. Fill with dried lavender buds or potpourri.

Lavender Luggage [6]: Sew little luggage pieces then fill them with lavender buds and stuffing, it looks like you can hang them on clothes hangers (by the handles), tuck into drawers or set them out on a dresser to appreciate how adorable they are.



Stamped [7]: Stamp designs on little muslin pouches (you can make them or buy them), fill with dried lavender buds and tie off with a bit of ribbon.

Lavender Love Notes [8]: Use scraps of natural fiber fabric to make this charming sachet, tuck in a little love note for the recipient if giving as a gift.



Scented [9]: Baking soda inserts are tucked into this cute sachet…great baby gift idea! Tutorial available via pdf download.

Felt Appliqued [10]: Applique felt pieces onto linen then sew onto a piece of pretty fabric (for the back). Fill with lavender buds or your favorite potpourri mix.



Doily & Linen [11]: Nice way to use pretty doilies!

Patchwork Heart [12]: Use little bits of fabric scraps and pinking shears to make this lovely sachet, fill with dried lavender buds.



Scented Tea Bag How-To [13]: All you need is a scrap of fabric, a button, crochet thread and some dried herbs or flowers like lavender or potpourri. The string end is a simple crochet chain using crochet thread.

Felt Butterfly [14]: Made with felt and fusible webbing, butterfly template available via pdf download (it’s free).



Lavender Mini Pillows [15]: Cute little pillows filled with lavender buds or dried rose buds. Simple to make!

Love Letter [16]: Make lavender heart shaped sachets to fit inside fabric envelopes. Tutorial available via pdf download.



Lavender Tea Bag [17]: Cute little tea bags made with felt, ribbon for the tag string and another bit of felt for the bag tag (has the word “tea” stitched on).

No-Sew [18]: These are made by using fabric glue and fabric scraps, stuffed with potpourri, lavender flowers or balsam fir needles.



Moths [19]: Print the moth design then iron onto fabric to make these hanging sachets.

Sleeve Pine [20]: Here’s a sachet made from a shirt sleeve and stuffed with pine needles (collect them from the Christmas tree) and lavender buds or other herbal mixture if you like.



Fortune Cookie [21]: Cute little fortune cookie design, made from muslin and has a ribbon tab to hang.

Pyramid [22]: Fabric pyramid bags stuffed with cotton and lavender buds, hangs by string or ribbon and can be embellished with a bit of needlework if you like.



Valentines [23]: Cute little linen bags with felt hearts sewn on.

Making Lavender Gifts [24]: These are made with ready-made muslin or organza bags, I included this in the list since it gives directions for mixing lavender buds and essential oil to fill sachets with. You’ll also find free lavender sachet gift tags to download.



Hanging Hearts [25]: Really easy to make, no template needed. To hang the hearts, attach ribbon bows.

Linen Pears [26]: Pear pattern is available for free download, three pieces are cut (from both plain and patterned fabric) then sewn together and filled with uncooked rice and lavender buds. Attach the “stem” and leaf by using ribbon and a silk leaf.



Appliqued Succulents [27]: Made with bits and pieces of felt and stuffed with lavender buds.

Child-Drawn [28]: Here’s a cute gift idea for mom, make simple sachets from cotton or linen fabric then have a child draw their art on the fabric pieces using fabric crayons.



DIY Scrap Fabric Sachets [29]: No-sew version using squares of fabric that have the edges pinked, glued together and filled with herbs and lavender.

Lavender Strawberry [30]: Sew your own patch of lavender- filled pouches, using old fabric scraps and buttons. Free pdf download.



Pretty Closet Doilies [31]: Dyed doilies are sewn on top of fabric sachets (filled with dried lavender) and hang by fabric loops.

With Refillable Pockets [32]: Features a refillable pouch to tuck inside. Use assorted fabric scraps, fusible interfacing and embellish as you like (with decorative trims, ribbons and costume jewelry).



For Hangers [33]: Made with a loose-weave, breathable fabric (ie. fine cotton gauze), linen tap and cedar blocks or lavender pouches.

Stamped Muslin [34]: Lightweight muslin material is torn into pieces and fringed around the edges, design stamped then fabric is sewn together and filled with dried lavender.



Stencilled Drop Cloth [35]: There are five stencils you can download, they are painted on with a foam brush before sewing squares together and filling.

Pyramids [36]: These have little tabs of ribbon on top for hanging.



Linen Pockets [37]: A napkin or handkerchief is folded, cut and assembled into this pocket full of goodness.

Crochet & Knit


Fun Flower [38]: Quick and easy crochet pattern, stuff with cotton and a little sachet pouch before finishing.

Pine Tree [39]: Knit these sweet little pine trees that you can tuck into drawers and trunks. Sachets are filled with lentils and potpourri.



Knit Lace Bag [40]: Elegant and easy knit pattern for this sweet sachet. Lined with organza fabric, filled with your favorite potpourri and tied closed with a ribbon drawstring.

Basket Weave [41]: Crocheted in a heart-shaped design (two pieces in two colors) then woven together, has a loop for hanging. Pattern via free pdf download.



Simple Knit Pattern [42]: Stockinette stitch for the body, stuffed with pieces of tulle and potpourri. Ribbon weaved through for tied closure.

Rose [43]: Worked in 4-ply 100% cotton yarn and a 2mm hook.


Paper & Assorted


Folded Paper Petal [44]: Using a free Hexagon Petal Card Template [45], cut the template out of pretty patterned paper, make a few folds and fill with potpourri. Embellish with ribbons or whatever else you like. So easy!

Make Lavender Wands (Bottles) [46]: Make these using freshly cut lavender, they’ll dry nicely and can be tucked into trunks and drawers.



Decorative Paper Envelope [47]: Use an old envelope as a template and cut out on scrapbook paper then fill with dried lavender and seal shut with glue. Poke holes in a pretty design across the envelope (to allow the fragrance to escape).

With Recycled Greeting Cards [48]: All you need is a bit of glue, ribbon and potpourri to turn greeting cards into something useful and pretty.



Paper Mache Potpourri Balls [49]: This is interesting, cover small rubber balls with paper mache then cut them open once dry, fill with dried lavender or your favorite potpourri mix, seal ball closed with glue and cover with ribbon.

Rose Petal {Crochet}

*First published November 20, 2009 and moved to this page for better organization

Here’s a little sachet that’s perfect to give as a stocking stuffer for someone who loves frilly, Victorian style pretties. It’s been a long time since I’ve tried my hand at thread crochet but this whipped up in no time for me (although a bit wonky in a spot or two).

Roset Petal Sachet: Crochet

The sample pictured to the right was made with DMC Cebelia size 20 thread and a 1.25 mm crochet hook. Sample measures: 7″ across (edge to edge). You can use whatever thread and hook size you wish.

Pattern Source: Vintage pattern from around the 1950s.

Notes: The original pattern had directions for using different colored threads, I’ve kept those instructions as-is below in case you wanted that type of multi-colored sachet. For the finished item pictured above, I just used one color.

Abbreviations: Ch (chain); st (stitch); sc (single crochet); dc (double crochet); sl st (slip stitch); lp (loop); hdc (half double crochet)–thread over as for a dc, insert hook in st and pull through, thread over and pull through all 3 lps at once; rnd (round); sp (space); p (picot).


Ch 5, join with sl st in first ch to form a ring.

Round 1: Ch 4 (for a ch 2 and hdc), (hdc in ring, ch 2) 4 times, join last ch 2 in second ch of ch 4 first made.

Round 2: (Sc, hdc, 3 dc, hdc, sc) over each of the ch 2 sps.

Round 3: * Ch 4, taking ch behind petals, sc between the next two petals, repeat from * around.

Round 4: (Sc, hdc, 5 dc, hdc, sc) over each ch, join and fasten off.

Round 5: Join second color between two petals with a sl st, * ch 7, sl st in center dc of petal, ch 7, sl st between two petals, repeat from * around, join at beginning.

Round 6: * 3 sc over ch lp, (ch-3 for a p, 3 sc) 3 times over lp, repeat from * over each ch lp around. Fasten and cut off.

Round 7: Join yellow to middle p of 3 p group, * ch 7, sl st to center ch 3 p of next group, repeat from * around.

Round 8: Ch 7, * dc in center of ch of preceding rnd, ch 4, dc in joining at lp, ch 4, repeat from * around and join.

Round 9: (Sc, hdc, 3 dc, hdc, sc) over each ch 4 around, join and fasten off.

Make two motifs for each sachet. For the sachet pad, cut two circle pieces of satin and sew up partially. Stuff with cotton and sprinkle with your favorite sachet or fill with a homemade potpourri mix [50]. Finish sewing it together.

Place the sachet pad between the two crocheted pieces and thread narrow ribbon through the openings, finishing with a bow.

Vintage Crochet

*First published December 3, 2008 and moved to this page for better organization

This is a pattern from 1944 for a pincushion that could also be used as a sachet, just replace the muslin body with fresh herbs or potpourri as needed.


Daisy Mercerized Crochet Cotton size 30 in White
Crochet hook size 10
1 yard ribbon
Muslin and silk covering for cushion.


Pattern Source: Lily’s Album of Crocheted Designs (1944)

How To Make Herbal Sleep Pouches

(First published January 14, 2008) Did you get enough sleep last night? Two helpers for those “restless nights” are reading a good book (but not one that’s too stimulating) and reaching for a lavender filled pillow or sachet.

In folklore, pillows were filled with lavender flowers to help the restless fall sleep. There is now scientific evidence to suggest that aromatherapy with lavender may slow the activity of the nervous system, improves sleep quality, promote relaxation, and lift mood in people suffering from sleep disorders (See Source [51]).

Here’s a nice & easy recipe for making a pouch that contains lavender, flax seed and lemon balm leaves, another herb that helps soothe and encourage sleep [52]

1/2 cup lavender buds
1/2 cup lemon balm leaves
1/4 cup flax seed

3×5 light fabric pouch (ie. muslin)


How To Use