15+ Sweet & Tangy Lemon Bars

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Here’s something to brighten up a cold, winter’s day, this Recipe Hit List features a collection of homemade lemon bars that I’ve handpicked from around the ‘net. I included several variations of a basic recipe then added a few tasty twists such as orange, lime, coconut, white chocolate chips, cheesecake style and more. Top the bars with powdered sugar, homemade whipped cream or a meringue to make it a little more special if you like. Enjoy!

*Note: Descriptions below are quotes from the reference sites

A Favorite

A Favorite On The Dessert Tray

  1. Meyer: Meyer lemons have a thinner skin than those year-round varieties you find in the grocery store, which is why you can chop one up-skin and all-and throw it into the curd in this recipe. From Miri Leigh.
  2. Sweet & Tangy: The perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess of moist gooey filling sitting on a crisp buttery crust, the bars are completed with a generous dust of icing sugar. From Bake Fresh.
  3. Lemon Curd: This is a bit of a cross between a power bar-because the base is high in protein as it’s made from nourishing nuts and eggs-and a lemon bar, because it has a delectable lemony topping. Not only is the bar, dairy and gluten free, it’s also grain free! From The Nourishing Gourmet.
  4. Very Tangy: Shortbread crust. The filling is gorgeous in flavor and texture. It is smooth, silky, tart. The most amazing thing about these lemon bars is what happens to the crust in the very center, right next to the filling. From Blue Ridge Baker.
  5. Shortbread Base: These bars will last several days in the refrigerator in an airtight container but are best when fresh. The recipe can be doubled. The quantities for flour and butter are given by weight (ounces) and by volume (cups or tablespoons); use either measurement. From Fine Cooking.
  6. Zesty: From Martha Stewart.
  7. Shortbread Base: A hearty shortbread is topped with just the right amount of tangy fresh lemon curd and then dusted with confectioner’s sugar. They are as bright as a spring day and so much more satisfying than any you have had before. From Lottie & Doof.
  8. With Oatmeal Crust: The thing that I loved about this recipe was the addition of the oatmeal to the crust. The oatmeal adds a wonderful chewy texture to the buttery cookie crust. From Pure & Yummy.
  9. Sunshine: Cake-mix recipe. From Duncan Hines.
  10. Mock Meringue: From Pillsbury.
  11. Freezable: From Pennies On A Platter.
  12. Golden Orange: Recipe from Rachael Ray.
  13. Ripple Cheesecake: Her creamy, tangy lemon cheesecake bars would definitely count as a success, plus they’re portable enough to bring on a picnic. From Food & Wine.
  14. With Lime: Buttery crust with flecks of lemon and a beautiful sweet custard topping topped with a bit of coconut and powdered sugar. From Bread & Honey.
  15. With Lime: There’s so much more to these lemon lime squares than their crusty exteriors, they pack a zingy, refreshing, and delicious lemon-lime punch. From Erica’s Sweet Tooth.
  16. Amaretto: These are sweet and tart with the velvety flavor of Amaretto. From Not So Humble Pie.
  17. Coconut: I loved the texture and flavor of the coconut crust. It was chewy and sweet and so perfect with the tart lemon on top. This is my new favorite way to make lemon bars. From For The Love Of Cooking.

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