Little Susan Days-Of-The-Week Motifs {1950s}

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Here’s a pattern set from the 1950s for this month’s vintage pattern freebie, it’s reminiscent of “Sunbonnet Sue” featuring a young girl wearing a bonnet doing chores around the house. She also has a little friend tagging alongside her while she runs about, a sweet little Scotty dog.

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Pattern Cover – Click To View Larger Size

There’s a different motif for each day of the week as well as one that is suitable for embellishing an apron and four little square designs to use on potholders.

You’ll find the files at the bottom of this page (each in jpg format) but first, here are the original details from the back of the pattern envelope…

Little Susan happily dashes through each day’s chores as easily as you embroider. The simple stitches in cheerful colors are heaps of fun to do and in no time at all–you’re finished with a lovely set as your reward for a few moments stitchery.

There are four cute motifs to use on pot holders or kitchen mitts and an extra Little Susan to put on an apron or cloth.

A delightful quilt can be made for a little girl by using the “day” motifs alternately with a plain color block. Finish with binding to match.

Suggested Materials:

  • For Towels: Buy some lovely new absorbent toweling by the yard, which means that you can make your towel just as long as you want.
  • For Pot Holders: Use scraps of material you may have; take several thicknesses and bind them together.
  • For Apron: Use sturdy unbleached.

Colors: The beautiful four color printed cover makes and easy-to-follow guide for the colors fitting in any kitchen color scheme. Use three strands of six strand cotton or No. 8 Perle in outline, loop and back stitches.

Pattern Downloads

Directions: Click on image to access larger pattern (jpg file format), right click on it then save to your desktop. Each of the files have already been flipped so you can trace directly on top of them when transferring to fabric, you’ll find tips for transferring patterns on this page.

Tip: If you find the printed motif is too faint, try printing in black & white instead of color…this may help you get a better image.


Monday – Wash


Tuesday – Iron


Wednesday – Sew


Thursday – Shop


Friday – Clean


Saturday – Bake


Sunday – Rest


Apron Motif

Pot Holders

Pot Holder Motifs

Stitch Chart

Stitch Chart – Click To View Larger Size

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  1. Liz in MIssouri says:

    I LOVE this site! And I look forward to the weekly updates. I have found so much treasure here. Thanks and God Bless! Liz

  2. Jacquelin Caldwell Niehus says:

    You just bring so much happiness to people with your talent. Thank you for being a friend to everyone and sharing. I love this site.

  3. emma says:

    I Found your site by accident and boy am I glad I am in france Europe .I LOVE WEDNESDAYS when the e mail comes through .
    Thank you .

  4. Victoria says:

    I have been looking for these patterns for ages. Thank you!!!
    My mom had done the Wednesday one a long time ago. She passed away in 1987 leaving only one iron on transfer.

    I was thrilled to have stumbled on to your site!

    Thank you.

  5. Martha Starccher says:

    Wonderful images.

  6. Marcy says:

    I LOVE these. Is the only way to get these patterns is PDF file? There is no option for “Iron-on” patterns? I looked at the methods of transferring the patterns to tea-towels and it looked daunting. What is the best method?

  7. Wendy Prahl says:

    This brings my 1950s childhood back to me.

  8. Levie Brown says:

    I am 85 years old now and many years ago I started hand embroidery. These patters bring back many memories. I love them… Thank you for sharing..God Bless

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