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Looking For An Ideal Office Plant? Try Lucky Bamboo

How would you like a nice green plant thriving in that dim & colorless office of yours or how about adding a touch of modern to your home decor? Here’s a popular option that even the most beginner of green thumbs can make flourish, and it’s believed to bring good luck too!

VaseAwhile ago I was introduced to Lucky Bamboo by a family member and although it’s been a very popular houseplant for a few years now, this was totally new to me–so of course I had to investigate. Here’s what I’ve learned about growing and caring for it…

What Is It?

Guess what–it’s not bamboo! It’s a member of the lily family (Dracaena sanderiana) and grows in rainforests located in parts of Asia. This is favored because it’s so easy to grow and take care of. No need for potting soil, they are happy to grow in just water (Hydroponics). If you have a windowless office, this is one plant you should try–it thrives in both natural and artificial light.

When determining which stalk is healthy and good to purchase, here are a few tips:

StonesHow to plant:


Choosing a container:

Can soil be used?

Three SticksCaring for this plant really couldn’t be easier, a few points though:

How To Propagate:

Cutting the stalk: In some cases it may be necessary to cut the top healthy part away from the sick or rotting bit at the bottom of the stalk. You can try rooting the top healthy stalk by the method above, roots may appear for you after some time (no guarantee).

How To Make It Curl:

CurlingIt naturally grows straight up, to get it to curl is a test of patience and some skill. When you buy one with a curl, it’s been trained to do so by expert growers. It will naturally grow toward the light, so the trick is to expose it to light from one direction only (curling will only happen with new growth). If you’d like to give it a shot, here’s a common method:

It will take about a year to achieve a single curl, sometimes longer (that’s why they can get so expensive!).

Why is it considered lucky? They are associated with the practice of Feng Shui and because it’s so hardy, it symbolizes good health. It’s considered luckiest when received as a gift. A curling plant is also believed to hold great luck.

Meanings For The Number Of Stalks:

OrientalIt grows in single stalks, some believe that arranging a certain amount of them together in a container holds special meaning and levels of luck. I’ve come across many lists, some suggesting different things for each amount but they generally follow this guide:

Troubleshooting Tips

Careful: This plant does need to be kept out of reach of children and pets since it is toxic when consumed.