How To Make Personalized Mailing Labels: Tutorial

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Picture of Santa's Holiday Mailbox - Tipnut.comNow here’s a treat! It’s soon time to get things organized for holiday card mailing and here’s a super easy way to design your own personalized mailing labels online (for free!).

A few highlights:

  • You can make address labels for everyone on your mailing list as well as make your own personalized return address labels.
  • Once you’ve designed them, you can save the labels to your computer desktop in a pdf so that you can use them over and over again, no need to re-do (sweet!). You can also update label info in the pdf and make any additions or deletions as needed.
  • You can have simple text address labels or add graphics to them if you like (perfect for holiday themed labels).
  • You can make a full sheet of return address labels by just typing in your info one time, then hit the Tab button to populate the whole sheet (love that!).

The website is and I asked if they would be willing to provide Tipnut readers with a user-friendly tutorial showing you step-by-step how to make labels using their site–and they said you bet! Here it is . . .

Make Holiday Labels Easy

It’s getting to be that time of year when the cold weather, the squirrels hoarding their nuts, as well as the sun going down too early, clue me in that I need to start preparing for the holidays. The economic times are lean, so I definitely won’t be pulling out my wallet so quickly as in years past, but I did create my holiday mailing labels early so I have less of a reason to send my cards by email this year.

Holiday Designed Label -

My first stop was They have these cool free PDF Label Templates that automagically populates all your labels with text and images, eliminating the need to do cut and paste over and over again.

I chose their standard address labels, 30 labels per sheet: WL-OL875 which corresponds to Avery 5160/8160.

When on the PDF template page, scroll down to the label size you want to use and click on the red links to download the template. I downloaded the WL-OL875 Auto Image/Diff. Text template for my labels because I wanted to include a cute holiday image and I wanted different text in the labels.

Select Label Size -

You will need a PDF reader to use the template. Worldlabel recommends the free Adobe PDF Reader version 9 for best results. In the event you don’t have a PDF reader, you can follow the instructions in the link above to download and install. After downloading, open the file in your reader and you should see this:

Open File In Reader -

Next step is to select the image you want to insert on your label. I went to a site offering Public Domain images; and searched by keyword “Christmas” where I found a cute Christmas tree. There are lots of free clipart sites online so you can find virtually anything you’re looking for.

I saved the Christmas tree image on my desktop. Then I went back to my PDF template and inserted the tree image on the image field. See screenshot below.

Select Image File From Desktop -

After you select the tree to be inserted in the template, your label sheet should look like this.

Image Populated Through Sheet -

Now you can go into the blue highlighted fields and type in your friend’s/family’s addresses. If you want to change the font size or color, (as well as bold, italics, etc.) highlight the text, and then select Control +E if you’re using a PC or Apple + E on a Mac. A toolbar will appear giving you additional text properties control.

Text Properties Toolbar -

When you have all your label fields filled, the next step is to print. Just put your label sheets in the printer and press print.

Since the task was so easy, I kept going and created the return address labels I’ve always been saying I was going to do. For this I downloaded the WL-OL25 template which is compatible with Avery’s 5167/8167 size.

Download Template -

Then I found a cute Rudolph at and downloaded it for my return address labels.

I opened the template and inserted the Rudolph in the image field. After a few seconds, Rudy appeared in each label field.

Insert Image Graphic -

I then inserted my address in the text field and pressed Tab. Seconds later, all the fields were filled and I was ready to print.

Press Tab To Autofill -

Wow. Just 20 to 30 minutes of work and my mailing labels are ready to go. Now for the cards, stamps, fancy pens, to finish the job. I’m still a month or so ahead of the game. I’ll just keep telling myself there’s still lots and lots of time. At least this year, with my labels in the bag, email cards are definitely not my only option.

* * * * *

Nice! Thanks very much to Worldlabel for the tute!

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  1. Maura says:

    Mailing Labels, great idea, the auto-fill is not working, any suggestions?

  2. Russell says:

    Make sure you have Adobe Reader version 8 or higher. Choose template WL-875 autofill > right click and save the file to your desktop and then open it. The autofill will work just fine.

  3. Phyillis Massie says:

    Do i have have to have word on my computer

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