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Make Your Own Earrings: {Free Craft Projects & Tutorials}

Last week I published a collection of bracelet [1] and necklace [2] tutorials, here’s the latest addition highlight ideas for making your own jewelry…earrings! You’ll find a dozen free tutorials using a variety of crafting techniques and materials. If you’re looking for wire & bead ideas, see this project collection [3] which has a nice selection of earrings to make. This list is pretty small by Tipnut standards but I expect it to grow over time as I find new goodies. Have fun!


Knotted, Trimmed, Crocheted, and Wrapped [4]: Hoop earrings are covered with knotted thread, or crocheted yarn, or hot glued with decorative trim or wrapped in fabric.

Leather & Scraps [5]: Two layers of fabric in desired shape are glued together then framed with 20-gauge wire. Tutorial via free pdf download.



Fabric Flowers [6]: A dozen dime-sized fabric circles are hand stitched together to make a flower, bead added for the center.

Charming Clay Flowers [7]: Make pretty earring or a brooch with this easy project.



Paper Pinwheels [8]: These are made with scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, jump rings, fish hook earrings and glass beads.

Painted Chevron [9]: Transform tired, old earring with a bit of acrylic paint, vinyl in a zig zag pattern and glaze to bring them to a shine.



Lace [10]: A jump ring, eye pin and bead is added to an applique or design cut from lace or embroidered trim that has a well defined pattern.

Paperclips [11]: Paperclips are shaped into triangles then wrapped with pretty string, earring hooks added so they can be worn.



Lacey Crochet [12]: Free pattern, made with 6-strand cotton embroidery floss, size 6 crochet hook, silver earring hooks and starch spray.

How To Make Earrings Out Of Buttons [13]: Do you have a pair of buttons that are so nice you’d like to wear them as earrings? Here’s how.



Beaded Tassels [14]: Seed beads are strung on a few lengths of string then topped off with conical beads, findings and spacers.

Fabric Covered Buttons [15]: Match an outfit perfectly! Made with button blanks, fabric scraps, glue and earring posts.



Holiday Tassels [16]: Materials needed are earwire hooks, a couple beads and 2″ upholstery tassels.

Patinaed Filigree [17]: Filligree medallions are painted (acrylic) in your choice of colors, sealed with clear spray paint and lever back hooks attached.