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How To Make Green Tea

Since I began enjoying green teas, I learned there’s an art to making it and the process is a bit different than brewing a regular batch. Once you start dabbling with good quality loose teas, you become very particular about how to make it.

Pot & CupFirst some tips:


To re-steep your leaves, add a minute for each steeping. For example:

Some teas can get more than three steepings, especially if they’re very fresh and of good quality. Experiment and see what happens!

Other Varieties

*These directions of for good quality, loose varieties

As you can see, getting the best cup possible is a bit of a process but it’s worth it! You can experiment with the measured amount of tea (for a stronger or weaker batch based on preference), but do watch the water temperature and the steeping time–go wrong on these two points and your lovely green tea becomes a bitter drink.

Also make sure to check out this reference guide [1] to learn more about varieties and benefits it has to offer.