Make Seed Starting Pots & Trays: {DIY}

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Newspaper Pots: Easy technique for rolling newspaper into pots.

Plastic Jugs: Learn all about winter sowing with plastic milk or water jugs (they act as mini-greenhouses).

DIY Ghetto Greenhouse: Take 2 liter bottles and turn them into seed-starting powerhouses.

Biodegradable: Save up your empty toilet paper rolls and transform them into biodegradable pots with a few clever snips and folds.

Self-Watering: Made with 2 liter plastic bottles (smaller sizes will work too) that are sterilized then cut (in third) and reassembled with the neck down.

Soil Blocks: Produces a growing medium that does not use a container and is easily transplanted in the garden.

Also check out 10 Seed-Starting Tips from Fine Gardening, the article is a great reference that contains tips and plenty of resources, including:

  • Keep records to allow for better planning
  • Store seeds properly to maintain viability
  • Cover trays with plastic wrap to keep the moisture level constant
  • Keep them warm to encourage germination

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2 Comments to “Make Seed Starting Pots & Trays: {DIY}”
  1. MrBrownThumb says:


    Glad you found that tip useful. I also have an entry on making seed starters out of empty soda bottles and a way you can start seeds inside of a plastic sandwich bag. You can use the search box on my blog to find those entries.

    Happy Tip Hunting.

  2. jen says:

    how to make your very own flower or veggie seed tape.
    first you will need a sheet of paper towel any brand will do
    cut it in strips or cut it in a circle to fight in the pot you wish to put it in
    next you will need a tooth pick to apply the paste you dab on just a dot of it per seed. Space 2 inches apart per seed or follow directions from your seed packet for the type of seed that you are planting.
    recipe for flour paste

    1/2 cup flour to 1/4 part water stir mixture shouldn’t be to thick dab on flour paste to paper towel then put the seed on top of the paste then dab a drop on top of the seed then place another strip of paper towel on top of it and then you should have seeds sandwiched between the paper towel strips this is way cheaper then buying them from high end stores and they work just the same don’t forget to add the dirt.

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