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Homemade Swiffer Cloth Patterns

Who doesn’t hate paying money for swiffer cloths that you just end up throwing out? Here are a few ideas, tutorials and patterns for making reusable ones from fabric plus a bunch of knit and crochet designs to make your own…



Cozy [1]: Knit in the ballband and recommends using a superwash wool. Buttoned tabs hold it together.

Ball Band [2]: Made with worsted weight cotton yarn in two colors, holds in place with ties.



Reusable With Side Pockets [3]: This features side pockets to slip over the mop head. Knit with varigated & solid kitchen cotton remnants.

MD Cover [4]: Made with two different colors of cotton yarn with side pockets at each end to slip over mop head.



For The Wet Jet [5]: Ballband design and is held in place with ties around the handle base.

Zoom (pdf) [6]: This is 100% cotton, machine washable and knits up in less than a day. There is minimal shrinkage when washed and it stretches to mold to your mop.

By Knit Playground


Kansas A’s [7]: Loom knit, side pockets to slip over ends. Available via pdf download.

Buttoned [8]: Suggests using wool or acrylic yarn since cotton tends to get sticky when wet.




Reversible Sock [9]: This design can be used as a duster (ruffly side), mopper (smooth side), and fits right over your sweeper.

Mary Jane [10]: Features straps across the top to hold securely in place.



Buttoned [11]: Quick and easy made with 100% cotton yarn and a size I hook.



Mop Pad [12]: Sew a reusable pad with old t-shirts and a wool blanket.

New & Improved [13] (not a How-To but you can see at a glance how to make them)



Terry [14]: Made with terry and fastened in place with buttons.

Diaper Flannel Refills [15]: Made with diaper flannel, can also use kitchen hand towels.



Terry & Velcro [16]: Made with terry and fastened with strips of velcro.

More Goodies To Check Out


Micro Fiber Strips [17]: Handwritten diagram instructions and uses a micro fiber for the strips of fabric.

Reusable Duster [18]: Made with strips of flannel, reuses a handle.



DIY: Pretreated Rags [19]: Made with hot water, lemon oil and fabric squares such as flannel or cheesecloth.

How To Remove The Cap On A Wet-Jet Cleaner Bottle [20]: So you can refill it to use again and again.



Use Socks [21]: Perfect alternative if you’re not into crafting one yourself, just use old socks!

T-Shirt Loops [22]: 1″ strips are cut from an old t-shirt then stretched to form the yarn, worked on DPNs to make this top.


I have come across mentions of people actually washing those they’ve purchased and reusing a handful of times before throwing out. Also check out this showdown [23], she tests the free Zoom knit design against the Ballband design to see which homemade version works best. Which one wins the competition? …

Both knit up quickly and easily. Both also have excellent stashbusting qualities and better-than-expected cleaning capabilities. However, the Zoom outperformed the Ballband in all areas, making it the clear and more effective winner. And prettier. Heee.