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How To Make Sun Tea

Packaged or bottled iced tea you buy is typically filled with loads of sugar and artificial colors, did you know you can make your own home brew that skips all that junk without turning on the stove or kettle? On hot sunny days, let the sun do all the work for you!

Sun tea is also known as “Old-fashioned” or “Southern” iced tea that has been one traditional way of making this beverage for many generations. It’s made with bags of regular black tea, some water and a big ol’ glass jar or pitcher.

Here’s how you make it (alternative Refrigerator Brewed Method and information on safety concerns are also listed below)…

Items Needed:


Is It Safe?

Although I haven’t found any documentation referencing actual cases of illness (or worse) caused by drinking this, I have come across theories that it could be a haven for bacteria growth since the water doesn’t get hot enough to kill off bacteria.

I also haven’t found any actual studies performed that have tested positive for bacteria growth in a properly prepared brew (limited time outdoors or at room temperature, properly cleaned storage/mixing items, refrigerated or iced right after brewed, etc.). As far as I know–there are no studies to refer to and safety concerns seem to be based on theories at this point.

I have come across arguments that tea’s natural anti-bacterial qualities and its caffeine content fights the bacterial growth during the few hours needed to brew this and to me that makes sense (along with proper initial preparation). It also explains why this method has been favored by many and has been practiced for decades with no problem (or if there have been issues, at this time they appear to be undocumented).

Regardless, and with no definitive proof one way or the other to refer to, I do believe this “controversy” over safety is important to note and be aware of.

Steeping In The Refrigerator

If you’re concerned about potential health problems but love the flavor of this method, you can still achieve a similar result by steeping it in the refrigerator, here’s how:

A few tips: