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How To Measure Accurately: {Tip Sheet}

There’s a trick to measuring syrup, honey or molasses to make sure you get all of it out of the cup or spoon.

Carefully Measure Ingredients For Successful Cookery

  1. Grease the measuring cup thoroughly with butter, using a pastry brush. Pour off excess butter and measure sweetening required.
  2. Empty contents of cup into mixing bowl. You needn’t use a scraper to get it out for hardly a drop of syrup stays in the cup.
  3. No molasses or syrup clings to the measuring spoon if you brush the bowl of the spoon with butter before you begin to measure.

If your recipe calls for 1/2 cup butter fill cup measure 1/2 full of cold water. Put butter in until water is at the one cup mark on the measuring cup. Pour off water and you will have an accurate measure of 1/2 cup butter. Follow the same procedure in measuring 1/4 cup, fill cup 3/4 full of water. If you want 1/3 or 2/3 cup, fill the cup 2/3 or 1/3 full of water respectively.

Pile sifted flour lightly in measuring cup, swoop off the “heap” level with edge.
Level measurements, new cooks! Make sure lid’s on snug before you put the baking powder away.
Set upon table so you won’t get a tipsy measure. Squint at it from eye level.

Source: Vintage cookery chart