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How To Melt Chocolate: {Tip Sheet}

Here are special directions for ease and economy plus a handy tip for getting every-little-bit of that melted chocolate out of the bowl.

Stir Chocolate Frequently When Melting For Best Results

Quick Tip: Break chocolate into pieces before melting, this will make the process go faster.

Double-Boiler Method:

Melting In The Microwave:

Melting In The Oven:

Handy Tip For Getting Every Bit Of Chocolate

To save time and avoid waste, remove melted chocolate that clings to sides and bottom of bowl as follows…

  1. Mix 1 tablespoon granulated sugar into remaining chocolate.
  2. Remove mixture easily with spoon; blend and use with balance of melted chocolate.
  3. Bowl is left clean; ready for rinsing; no waste.
  4. If desired, to compensate for this extra sugar, reduce by 1 tablespoon sugar quantity specified in recipe being followed.

Source: Some of the information above is from a vintage Fry’s Cocoa cookbook/pamphlet