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Quick Tips & Tricks For Washing Mini-Blinds

Mini-blinds may be a nice window treatment, but they sure can be a pain to maintain since each slat has to be washed one by one.

DustingThere’s no way around that but here are a few quick tips to help make the job easier…

Before getting started:

Wipe each slat (from side to side) with a soapy wet sponge (excess water squeezed out), or try one of these methods to make the job a little easier:

If they are really dirty or greasy, a good soak can do the trick:

Grime Busters:

All you need is a quick squirt of liquid dish detergent in a bucket of warm water or spray with a general household cleaner. If you need more grime-busting power, here are a couple things you can try:

Tips: Sweep or vacuum them regularly and you’ll only need to wash them once or twice a year. After washing, you can treat them with dusting cloths (mix 1 cup hot water and 2 TBS lemon oil), this will help repel dust.

Note: The soaking or spraying methods should work for vinyl, aluminum and plastic varieties but check manufacturer’s information first just to make sure. Avoid using the ammonia recipe if slats are aluminum.