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22 Crafty Mirror Projects To Make: {DIY}

Here’s a nifty bunch of mirrors you can create for your home, many are very easy to make too! Some feature etched glass, there are a few versions of the popular sunburst, some made with cheap tiles and others offer instructions on how to frame with molding. Lots of ideas in this collection and many not only budget friendly but gift-worthy too, enjoy!


Easy Tiled [1]: The frame of a mirror is painted then 1″ white ceramic tiles are added, finish off with an accent dot in the center of tiles using ceramic paints.

Frosted Glass Doily [2]: Made using a paper doily and frosted glass finish spray.



Multi-Panel [3]: Made with beveled mirror tiles, particle board, spray paint and hemlock board for framing.

Pottery Barn Knock-off [4]: Another multi-panel version based on the popular Pottery Barn mirror.



Platter [5]: A platter’s patterned border can be used as the decorative frame for a mirror. Even noticeably damaged china can work.

Thrift Store Plate [6]: Transform decorative plates into charming mirrors.



Crafty Mirror Makeover [7]: Revamp an plain, old mirror with painted twigs or driftwood.

Case Molding Frame [8]: Made with corner blocks and fluted casing, a precut mirror, and some sturdy mounting materials.



DIY Framed Mirror [9]: Supplies needed are molding trim, miter box, paint, liquid nails, paintable caulking, level and painters tape.

Colorful Spoon [10]: For an 18-inch round mirror, you’ll need a hot-glue gun and about 105 colored plastic spoons.



DIY Etched [11]: Choose a design that you want etched then have it transfered into a vinyl decal for this project.

Etched Mirror [12]: For this project the design is transferred to Con-tact paper and framed with a thick layer of etching cream.



Anthro-Inspired [13]: Made with Easy Off Oven Cleaner, fabric, Mod Podge and a staple gun.

Starburst [14]: Made with an Ikea plant glide, wooden plant markers and wooden skewers.



DIY Sunburst [15]:Made with a mirror round, wood round and wooden dowels.

Sunburst Mirror Project [16]: Made with a bundle of branches and a mirror with a flat frame.



DIY Acid Mirror Tutorial [17]: You’ll need a framed mirror, paint stripper, Muriatic Acid, spray adhesive, Silhouette Premium Vinyl, transfer sheet, hook tool & scraper tool for this nifty project.

DIY Starburst Mirror [18]: Made with 18 packs of wood shims, a wood floral or craft ring, a 7″ diameter mirror, an old beaded necklace, glue and paint (or stain if you prefer).



DIY Scrollwork [19]: Throw your room a curve with a feminine fretwork mirror. Start with four pieces of in-stock pine scrollwork painted in your preferred colour. Single or in a trio, it makes a pretty impression.

Mosaic [20]: You’ll need acrylic paint (in both white and gold), masking tape and mirror mosaics in color of your choice.



With Floating Shelf [21]: Ideal for an entryway, this is framed with wood and has a shelf to display and store items.

Wooden Shims [22]: 190 (8″) shims are painted with orange and red latex paint then used to frame a 10″ round mirror.